Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Beauty Body Style

One day a couple weeks ago I was going to be headed out to my sisters house to help her clean.
She is prego and has a daughter under one so cleaning has been a challenge for her!
I knew I would be cleaning so I didn't want to take too much time getting ready, so
I just threw on some jersey shorts an old tank top and quickly put my hair in a braid.
Then decided to threw on a little headband to keep my bangs back out of my face.

I also planned to a little shopping on my way back home, so rather than NOT do makeup,
I simply washed my face, and just put a little concealer and mascara on my eyes.
I was finishing up, when The Hubs walked into the bathroom and says
"What are you getting all sexi-fied for? I thought you said you were only cleaning?"

Me *eye roll*
 "I am just cleaning but I also need to go to the store after and don't want to look like a zombie!"
(Ive got terrible dark eye circles... it runs in my family, but I'm the only one of my sister to have it)
"And besides I don't look sexy, gah, I'm just trying to look decent... Thanks though."

Isn't it funny how each person's perception of beauty is different?
To me I looked "decent", but not sexy.
I wasn't really TRYING. But apparently, according to The Hubs I don't have to try.
To him, I am sexy...Beautiful all the time. Even when I don't try or don't feel like it.
I always find it strange how he can say I am beautiful when I don't always feel beautiful.

Have you ever been there?
Ever wonder why you don't see that you're beautiful, with or without someone else saying it?
If you are shaking your head yes right now, let me tell you about a great site I found, Beauty Body Style, that's run by, Fashion Stylist, Lakeysha-Marie who has this to say:
"It’s no surprise that the physical appearance we display is a direct extension of the inner beauty residing in us all. When we are imbalanced with the weight of low self esteem and feel inadequate the burden is visible in our body language and visual appearance."

Beauty Body Style is a website filled with makeover tools designed to define your beauty from the INSIDE, out. Its a site that strives to help you build confidence, nurture positive self esteem, and discover the best styles for your age and body type.

I recently read and listened to the beauty reflected, beauty within-makeover series
and here are a few of my thoughts....
As a momma, wife and blogger so much of my life is about everyone else but myself.
Of course I don't necessarily think this is a BAD thing, but too often I neglect taking care of myself...
And that is really no good for anyone.  Through this series I was reminded that I need also love and care for myself. How the pressure and words I say to myself can be so destructive sometimes.
How I can help and encourage others when they fall or struggle, why don't I do the same for myself?
In this series Lakeysha talks about how we can strengthen the roots of our inner beauty, identify some of our struggles and where they come from, and a way we can slowly overcome them, before putting into action our more confident self.
This biggest thing that hit me, was a part where she talked about having a hard time making decisions.
The questions she too had wrestled with over making a decision where/are the EXACT same  questions/reasons I struggle with making decisions. It really is a confidence thing... Or lack there of.

Anyways, Ive sort of already been on a transformation/makeover journey with my weight loss,
but this series was still very interesting and helpful to me in a way that's obviously more than physical.
Confidence and beauty is so much more than what we look like or how we appear on the outside.
Nothing we wear, and nothing anyone else says to us can make us feel beautiful unless we truly feel it within too.

When asked WHY Lakeysha-Marie started Beauty Body Style she said this:
Some of my clients would look phenomenal after our consultations, but the light in their eyes never seemed to linger no matter how perfect the look. It was a feeling I recognized from my own past, and I wanted to share what I learned with the hope of inspiring another. During our shopping trips we began to drill down deeper into the topics of self-love and esteem. With each conversation I saw a strength emerging. Whether it was finally learning to say no, or finding the courage to let go and move forward.

It was then that I began to see a lasting transformation and I realized that before a make-up or fashion consultation begins, her real beauty needed to start from within.

What a wonderful thing to want to help others discover their inner beauty. :) Get a sneak peek at what this series has to offer you with this complimentary lesson from the Beauty Reflected, Beauty Within Series.

Much Love & Hugs,
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  1. great are so pretty! I am the same way, barely ever wear makeup--mascara is my go-to. :)


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