Tuesday, September 11, 2012

DIY Fancy Chandelier Earrings

Hello my lovelies!
Happy Tuesday, are we all happy we made it past Monday or what?
Well I hope you are up for a new earring tutorial, because I have a fancy little one to share today!

These can be found at any craft store or most any craft section of walmart.

1. Using your EYE pins add on a few beads. As you can see I used 4 for mine. You can use more or less depending on the size or length of your beads. You will need the round nose pliers to make another eye loop, as well as the wire cutter to cut the excess off. You will make TWO of these.

2. Next you will need to prepare your chain. You will need to cut 8 sections. 2 long, 4 medium, and 2 small. I didnt measure mine, I just sort of eyed it to the size of my liking. But Im guessing the smallest is about an inch and a half, middle 2 inches and longest 3 inches.

3. Now that you have your chain cut, take 3 sections - 1 of each size, and a small jump ring. Using the flat nose pliers, open up the jump ring and attach the chain.

4. Grab your beaded eye pins and attach the chain/jump ring to one side. Making sure the longest chain is towards the outer side.

5. Now attach the chain to the other end of the beaded eye pin with another small jump ring. This is how it should look. 
You can choose to stop here and keep it as is for an easier/simpler look. 
If you want to stop here, skip to step 11, to finish!
6. To make it a little more fancy we are going to use the wire cutters to cut the chain right at the middle.

7. Next is sort of the hard part! Connecting all the chain to the center using another small jump ring. Its only a little hard to keep the chain in order. And keep the chain ON the jump ring while attaching the chain on BOTH side. But once finished it should look just like mine in the picture.

8. Now you can take your head pins and add some beads to them, again I did 4. But you can do more or less or even do different beads than the ones you used on the eye pins. Designs are endless here! :) After you add your beads, simply make an eye loop to close it off.

9. Prepare two jumps rings...

10. Using jump rings attach the beaded eye pin to the jump ring holding the chain in the middle.

11.  Finish your earrings by attaching the last MEDIUM side chain to the beaded eye pins with jump rings, and then attach the fish hook earrings to the center of the chain with another jump ring. And you are all finished!

They are ready to wear!
Now you have got yourself some fancy chandelier earrings!

Again, the possibilities on this are endless!!
You can do all sorts of color combinations with the beads.
You dont have to use the same beads, you can use different beads to make a fun new look!
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.
If you make your own, please share with me how they turned out.
Either email me a photo or share it on my facebook wall.
I would LOVE to see how YOURS turn out! ♥

Much Love & Hugs,
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  1. I love these! They're great, just like all your other earring tutorials! :)

  2. Super cute! Love the pearls, thanks for linking up at Stop, Look, Link!

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these! I just shared how mine turned out on my blog at Desperate Houselife


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