Thursday, September 20, 2012

Far - Perspectives Photo Challenge #10

Welcome to  Perspectives Photo Challenge co-hosted by myself,
Lena of Lena B Photography & Natalie of When Shutters Click!

Perspectives is a weekly photo challenge and link up.
Basically we (the hosts) have 1 theme to share each week.
We want YOU to take and share 3 photos of said theme in YOUR perspective!
Show us how YOU see things.
We will do the same, and then link up to the party.

This weeks theme is Far.
I have to be honest, I struggled with this one. I originally thought of a few great ideas..
But such is life, I got a little too busy to make them happen.
And really struggled to think of anything else amazing I could photograph
within the short time frame I had left. But I guess this IS a challenge after all.
And this did challenge me this week.
So, here are 3 photos of "far", in my own perspective.

First up:
Ok so I know this is more than ONE photo, but when I had to sit and force myself to think outside of the box on this challenge of "FAR" I started to think of how far I have come in my weight loss journey. 
I know I have not posted much about it lately, but Im still on the journey.
Ive got a post in the works coming soon. But until then, it was really encouraging to look at how far I really have come since this journey started just 6 short months ago on March 1st.

Another photography from my son's football game. 
I mentioned in challenge #8, how these balloons where let go after half time.
I snapped several pictures of the balloons floating high in the sky farther and farther away from us.
A really whimsically beautiful site to see. ♥
This last one is a mixture of last minute inspiration, perspective and some fun photo editing.
I was outside playing with my youngest son, Zander. I had my camera with me, in case inspiration hit while I was thinking of something FAR to photograph. I noticed some vultures flying round and round far in the distance from us. So I thought that might be a good thing to try and capture. Then I looked at Zander (who wont go outside without his sunglasses on), pointing in awe at the birds too. I noticed the reflection in his sunglasses. Ive always thought reflection portraits in sun glasses where cool. So here was a chance for me to take my very own. Unfortunately the birds kept flying, and Zander kept moving! So I had to get creative. I edited together the photos of the birds alone that I shot, with one of the photos of Zander's sunglasses reflecting the scenery, to show off our perspective of what we were looking at! 
Turned out pretty neat looking I think. ;)

To thank you for linking up, each host is picking a photo to feature.
This week I am sharing this beautiful photograph from This & That Photography
Isnt it such a beautiful representation of Mornings! Great shot for sure. ♥

If you link up, please be kind and follow the RULES:
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Perspectives Photo Challeneg

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After you link up be sure to check out Lena & Natalie's photos for this week,
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  1. Well done with the weight. It is a long process I know, I have done it, but keep going it it so worth it.


  2. I am thinking of joining your photo challenge,you are the only blogger that I keep reading daily.

    Enjoy Teaching English

  3. Thank you for hosting once again and also for featuring my picture. I hope that you like my perspective on far. Also I took off captcha ~ thanks for letting me know as I hate it too.. Love you picture of your son and the birds... great perspective on FAR.

  4. Love the photo of your weight-loss journey! Looking good! It's very aspiring :)

    Reminds me I need to get back on my own journey..haha


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