Tuesday, September 4, 2012

How To Break In Your New Shoes Over Night!

I recently got some new shoes for my birthday!
I totally LOVE them, only problem with new shoes, though, is the pain of breaking them in.
Though these fit me perfectly, they were a little snug on my toes. :(
 Rather than taking 2 weeks to break them in the painful way
I have a little trick that allows me to break them in over night.
 All you need is some sandwhich baggies with a tight seal, water and a freezer!
I filled two baggies half way with water, and set them in my shoes.
 Stick them in the freezer over night.
Because water expands when it freezes it will quickly and safely stretch out your shoes for you.
In the morning, pull out the baggies and rock your new shoes, pain free!!

Do you happen to have any quick tips, or beauty secrets to share?

Much Love & Hugs,
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  1. Seriously? This workds!? I'm definitely going to try this out!!

    1. For reals, girl! :) And if needed it can be done more than once to get more stretch. I only needed to do mine once, and now I have more room for my toesies! :)

  2. that is going to come so handy for christmas parties... :D

  3. This really works unless the bag leaks. Happened on my 2nd pair so I had 1 comfortable shoe and one tight one. Oh, well, got it on the second try.


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