Monday, September 24, 2012


Did you know that I was instagram now!?
Well I am excited to announce that I am.
Find and follow me @agapelovegirl

I am always looking for more people to follow!
Maybe its cause I am new to it, but I cant get enough. ;)

If you are not on instagram... here is a peek at my insta-life.
  1. Trying out the Maxi Dress trend. Thinking it might be a good look for fall.
  2. Healthy snacks
  3. Time with my Zander Boo
  4. Major tan lines from several hours out in the sun watching Kiah & Brucey's Games.

  1. My son, Brucey #77, tackling like a champ!
  2. Beautiful evening sky, during one of Brucey's practices.
  3. Kiah's flowers she got from her Nani (my mom) for winning her soccer game!
  4. Nerding it up out of boredom when its just me and Zan at home.

  1. Thinking
  2. Mom chores
  3. Mine and my sisters combined birthday cake
  4. Lubeth Designs necklace in my newly made over bedroom.

  1. Random baby deer walking past my sliding glass door one morening.
  2. Joined Kiah and Brucey at school for Muffins for Moms day. (boy that half a muffin cost me over 300 calories!)
  3. Good morning.
  4. The beautiful victorian church I attend. ♥
  1. My new notebook LOVE
  2. Running errands with my Zander-Boo
  3. The Handsome Hubs
  4. Kiah rockin' goalie at Soccer Practice!

Much Love & Hugs,
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  1. hey maria. you look so familiar, but i wasnt following you? hmmm. anyways i am now via gfc.. i entered your giveaway at 3fourandunder... i am in love wiht your necklaces...and the name of your blog/business. and your button.. your style. everything.. so cute... haha, i sound like im trying to schmooze you ;) im not. im just serious. so so cute. anyways,. i followed your instagram. i am julie_funnythingblog since you are looking for new ppl to follow =) nice to meet you, hope you have a great and blessed week. i am also having a giveaway at 3fourandunder later this week...haha yay us!

  2. You have some really great advice and posts on here... I will be visiting frequently! Your positivity radiates in your photos! I was hoping that you wouldn't mind checking out my blog as well and following me if you like it.

    Thank you so much,

  3. Thanks for sharing your "insta-life"! When it comes to Moms for Muffins, you don't count the calories: just the love <3

  4. I love your pink necklace!!!

    I'm stopping by from InstaFriday. Enjoy your weekend.


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