Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Listening To That Voice

Shirt: Gypsy Warrior, Jeans: Areopostale (OLD),  Shoes: Payless (a gift for my birthday!)

Necklace c/o: LuBeth Designs, Bracelet: Premiere Designs Jewelry

Its wasnt anything HUGE.
It doesnt make me amazing.
I am not the first person to ever do something like this.
I paid for the order behind me in the Starbucks drive through.
It was a small gesture, but here's why it was so important...

I was listening.

I havent even been drinking coffee out because of my "diet".
However, I felt compelled that I should go and at least grab a little something
for my sis who was baby sitting for me.

While I pulled up and thought about what I wanted to order I heard a little voice.
"Pay for the person behind you."
I looked in the rear view mirror... No cars behind me.
(I live in a small town)
God is that you? There isnt even anyone behind me!?
Me... arguing with God... Gah, I should KNOW He knows everything!
He would know if someone would end up pulling up behind me while I was here.

I try to make a deal with God, IF someone did pull up behind me I would pay for them.
But as I pulled forward and handed the guy my money, I was thinking I was going to be getting off the hook.
The guy hands me my receipt, still no one behind me.
He asks me if I knew about the "treat receipt".
I tell him no, and he explains.

He goes to grab my drink and someone pulls up.
I suddenly get nervous. Am I going to listen to that voice.
Am I going to hold up my end of the deal?
Just thinking about speaking up makes my throat get tight.
I feel too shy to say it.
But I do, quickly and quietly.

The guy barely heard me.
Pointing behind me, I say again...
"Just for fun, I would like to pay for their drinks. Can I do that?"

The guy smiles widely.
"Oh wow. Thats awesome. Yes. I totally believe in karma... And this is very cool."
So I pay for their drinks, and tell him to please give them the receipt.
In case they want to use it for the treat receipt thing.
He smiles again, "Are you sure?"
I smile. "Yup."

I drive away to head to my sisters house.
And I wonder if that tiny little gesture meant anything.
It was so small... I am not sure what good it could possibly do.
But I know that God knows.
There was a reason He had me stop. A reason He asked me to pay.
What was small to me, could have been for a much bigger purpose than I will ever know.
Or it simply could have been as simple as giving a smile to someone who really needed it.
What ever effect it had, I will never know.
But I said a little prayer that day as I drove away.

"God. Use me. Help me to keep listening and hearing you.
Help me to follow through with what you ask of me.
Use me for your will. Help me to shine for your glory.
God, I dont know what the reason you had me stop and pay for a strangers drink.
But I pray that you use it for your will and glory.
And I pray that if anything it made that person's day brighter.
In Jesus Name Amen."

Interestingly enough, after that little prayer, when I turned the radio back up
 these lyrics were the first thing I heard:
"Reach out to somebody who needs me
Make a change, make the world a better place
'Cause tomorrow could be one day too late"

From the song One Day Too Late by Skillet

How very fitting.

Shine on, my friends.

Much Love & Hugs,
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  1. This is an amazing story! It is so inspirational and reminds me to listen to that still small voice in those moments.


    P.S. I love your hair so much! You look so gorgeous in these photos.

  2. I bet you brought a smile to several people's faces. I keep thinking I should do this in the drive thru, but I never have anyone behind me when I think of it. Next time, I think I will just to see what happens. :)

  3. Love this post! I'm praying the same lil prayer for myself. I'm a firm believer that God works thru us w/ music and He will play the song you need at the exact time you need it. :-)

  4. great post ;)

  5. GIRL you are looking so dang good. I can see even more weight loss. You look smokin. I love the outfit and necklace, and I ADORE your hair all dark. WORK IT GIRL! hugs,

  6. You are so sweet and kind, and your generosity won't go un-noticed especially through God. I love that you shared this small story and I bet it all felt so good too. Hugs, jen

  7. love your light in the world.

    also you shoes:).


  8. You are getting so thin. How beautiful are you?

  9. SO INSPIRING. (: I soo want to do things like that more!

    Dyed hair?? It/you look STUNNING!!

  10. #1 you're getting so skinny! #2 You're as gorgeous as always! #3 Starbucks is not a regular stop for me, it's either a huge treat or because my day is crummy. Several years ago Mr. E. took me to Starbucks on our way to work (it was a REALLY crummy husband doesn't drink coffee + he sure doesn't want to overpay for mine) and the people in front of us bought our drinks. It meant the world to us and I cried because it was just God's way of saying He knew what was up. So way to go you - blessing someone else!

  11. Love this story!!!! Gives me chills!!! You did a great thing! :-) God is so awesome!

  12. You made me smile. If anything you have made everyone who reads your post smile. And thats something.

  13. You are so stinkin cute & you are so rockin those jeans My Dear!!!! You most certainly did the right thing by obeying the voice!!! Good job Maria!!! You CAN do this! You WILL Shine for HIM!!! Luv ya!

  14. Great job listening to God - it is hard to so often isn't it? We do this every Christmas through my church in an effort to spread some extra joy in the craziness. And it is hard to actually do it. Don't know why - it shouldn't be hard to let go and let God...

    Oh and I love your shoes - and bracelet (used to sell premier)


  15. I love that God speaks to us even in small things! I think when He does that he's like a parent training their children to listen. How amazing! When we listen in the small things, I know he'll speak to us about the big things too. Thanks for sharing your story.

  16. You absolutely shine - thank you for inspiring the rest of us.

  17. I love how you were battling with God. lol. So funny. I'm glad you went through with it. You look amazing as always, love the shirt and your hair is gorgeous! :)


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