Monday, September 3, 2012

My Top 10 Beauty Product Favorites!

Every once in a while I get asked about what beauty products I use.
So I thought it would be fun to share with you my top 10 beauty product favorites,
that I use weekly, if not daily!
Just FYI this post is NOT sponsored, I was not paid by anyone for this post...
These are, simply, products you will always find in my possession if you raided my bathroom! ;)

Up first, my favorite products for the FACE:
#1 Mary Kay TimeWise Miracle Set  
The TimeWise Miracle set is something I use day AND night, actually.
I love how clean and soft it keeps my skin, while also keeping my skin looking young, adding nutrients and protecting my skin from the sun with SPF 35 in the day solution!

#2 Black Head Remover tool
I dont know about you, but I am kind of obsessed with "picking" so when I found this neat tool, I was in heaven.
I KNOW its a bad habit, and not good for your skin, but this tool helps me remove both black and white heads safe and gently. You can get one of these tools in most drug stores like walgreens or rite aid, and walmart.
I use this product daily.

 #3 Satin Lips Set
In one of my recent posts, someone made a comment on my lips and asked what I was wearing.
Most often than not, THIS is what I am using/wearing right before any of my self portraits.
I have a thing about having nice soft/glossy lips, especially for photos!
The Satin Lips Set is a 2 step system that gently exfoliates and moisturizes your lips.
I usually do the "mask" (which is what exfoliates your lips) once a week,
and I use the "lip balm" daily (in the morning or before photos).

#4 Sweet Smelling Carmex Sticks
As I said before, I have a thing for soft lips. I have always been sort of "obsessed" with lip balm or lip gloss. I cant stand dry lips. I always need to have lip balm on. Carmex has always been my go to lip balm for really chapped lips, simply because the best at really moisturizing and healing my lips. But it used to be my least favorite to USE. For one, because I didn't like the taste/smell, and for two I hated the little tub it came in!
I didnt like having to stick my finger in there, and how it would get under my nails.
But now that it also comes in a stick, and has some really amazing scents, I really ENJOY Carmex.
I honestly cant get enough! I always have at LEAST one or more Carmex sticks in my purse, and I use it HOURLY. Yeah I am one of those people who constantly applies lip balm, even if its still there on my lips.
The Strawberry, Cherry and Vanilla are my 3 favorite scents from Carmex.

 #5 Define-A-Lash Mascara
Its no secret that this is my FAVORITE mascara EVER!
Ive mentioned it a few times before on the blog,
like in this post "How to Get Longer Looking Eyelashes with Just Mascara".
I have tried many other mascaras before, and I always go back to this one.
I simply love the flexible wand, the fact that it separates my lashes well and is just amazing quality.

#6 Garnier Skin Renew Anti Dark Circle Eye Roller
I have very dark under eye circles. Its not because of lack of sleep... Though I do need more sleep than I get! But my dark circles are something that is genetic. It runs in my family, though I am the only one of my lovely sisters to have them. :( So, thats something that has always been an insecurity for me. They are the reason I feel like I cant go without makeup, unless I want to be asked If I am sick, or got enough sleep, or got hit. LOL
Yes they are THAT bad.
The problem is, the skin around my eyes is starting to get more sensitive and delicate.
So constantly rubbing concealer and foundation and all that to try to cover up my dark circles leaves my skin very irritated some days. There are days that I dont want to have to do that, or even have to wear foundation!
On those days The Garnier Anti Dark Circle roller is my go to product.
Its gentle because it just rolls right on and I can gently dab it a little to get it to blend into my skin.
Its also feels very cooling, with the metal roller ball on it.
And it does a very good job at brightening my eyes and concealing my dark circles without all the extra makeup!

These next two products are my favorites for the Body!
 #7 Vanilla Fantasy Body Spray
First off, if you know me at all you KNOW that I LOVE vanilla. Its my signature scent.
Another thing is, I easily get headaches from strong smells or perfumes.
So I cant wear perfume, unless I want to feel headachy and sick all day!
The Body fantasies body sprays are perfect, they are not too strong but they last all day.
And I LOVE their Vanilla Fantasy scent. Ive been wearing it for more about 15 or so years.
I believe it goes very well with my natural body odors, as you may know the same perfume may smell amazing on one person, and stink on someone else. You have to find what scents work with your own body orders/chemicals...
And for me, this is perfect. I always get complimented on how good I smell.
My sweet niece thinks I sweat vanilla because I always smell so good... even after a LONG day.
And I only spray myself once in the morning!

#8 Avon Naturals Vanilla
Another vanilla scent, this Avon Naturals lotion has always been a favorite of mine.
My mom used to sell avon when I was a little girl, and I have always loved this lotion.
Not only is it very moisturizing, but scent lasts all day as well.
Some lotions, you put on and the scent fades fast.
Ive found this to be the longest lasting scented lotion, that I have every tried.
But its not too strong, which I like.

These last two products are my favorites for Hair.
 #9 Suave Professionals Dry Shampoo
I usually go a day or two without washing my hair.
Personally I like the messy, unbrushed look of my hair.
More often than not I wake up and hardly do a thing for my hair except for throw a headband in.
On occasion I use the blow dryer and round brush on my bangs only.
My hair doesn't tend to get oily very quickly but it depends on the weather and how active Ive been that day.
So If I dont plan on washing my hair, or dont have time, I love using dry shampoo.
Ive tried a couple different dry shampoo's and absolutely adore this one by Suave Professionals.
Not only is it easiest to use (no need to blow dry, or brush out.. just use the heat from the palm of your hand!)
but it also smells amazing AND is a volume booster/root lifter!
I LOVE, LOVE that! My hair goes from oily and blah to volume-ized and amazing!

#10 Aussie Moist 3 Minute Miracle
Ok, so I have always been a fan of Aussie products.
I found the 3 minute miracle after getting the majority of my hair filled with blonde high lights
My hair was fried, so hoarse, stiff and crunchy like!
My hair stylist gave me a sample of some stuff to help with it,
but to me it only seemed to make it worse and feel greasy.
So I went out to see if I could find something to get my hair back to its soft wavy self!
I happened upon Aussie's 3 minute miracle and decided to give it a try.
No joke, this stuff really IS a Miracle!
My hair went from stiff to silk!
Now I always have it in my bathroom and use it at LEAST once a week,
sometimes more, to keep my hair silky soft. ♥

Well now, those are my top 10 beauty product favs!

Have you tried any of these products?
Do you agree or disagree with an of my thoughts on these products?

Now that you know mine, share with me yours!
I am thinking about hosting a link up for favorite beauty products,
so if you want to create a post and share your top 5 or 10 beauty product favs
let me know and I will most likely schedule the link up for next Monday!

Or you can simply share your favs in a comment here. :)
I'd love to learn about the awesome products you love, and maybe try something new!

Much Love & Hugs,
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  1. Oooo, I might try to the Aussie stuff. I just recently died my hair and it definitely made for a coarser texture. Thanks for the tips!

    Silver from A Silver Snapshot

  2. Great stuff! Some a I definitely want to try ( like the Garnier Skin Renew Anti Dark Circle Eye Roller and the Mary Kay TimeWise Miracle Set )

  3. Oh girl!! I wanna send you some yummy all natural stuff from posh that you will love!!! I'll reply back to an email I sent ya before about the spooky posh and since now I know you love vanilla I got just the thing for you! ;-)
    I'm very excited knowing that I can get the blackhead tool myself! Lol my pores are big on my nose....I need one!
    And you look great by the way :-)

    1. Awesome! I would LOVE to have some yummy posh to try! Especially anything Vanilla! YUM!! ;)

      Oh and yeah... my nose.. ugh dont even get me started! Drives me NUTS! But thats why I LOVE that tool! LOL

      Thank you so much for stopping by girl!

  4. I've tried several of these items! Both the Mary Kay sets - I LOVE the Satin Lips! I like Carmex in the pot and the liquid form in the tube. You can't go wrong with a Maybelline mascara - my current fave is the Lash Sensational. I love the coolness of the Garnier eye roller - it feels so good after a long day. Dry shampoo is a miracle product! I've tried all the drugstore brands (so much easier on the wallet to try those than the ones from Sephora). Both my daughter and I use the Aussie 3-Minute Miracle mask. =)


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