Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Source: tumblr.com via Maria on Pinterest

Sometimes you just need a laugh on a Tuesday Morning.
I saw this and it made me laugh a little.
Mostly because I was about to work on this sponsor call post,
and talk about my great prices.... ♥
So I couldn't help but share this "unbeatable price" with you, first. ;)

Well anyways, if you are looking to get the word out about your blog or shop,
you will find my prices truly are a great deal. Priced with those who are just starting out in mind.
I know how it is, Ive been there. And I believe everyone, big or small, new or well established deserves good advertisement! On top of that I am offering a 15% discount to those who purchase any size ad space from now until the 30th. Just use code "UNBEATABLE". ;) Ive conveniently added my passion fruit ad shop at the end of this post for you. If you need a little help to decide if its worth it to sponsor this little blog of mine, here are a few of my current stats:

Stats as of September 2012
  1,195 GFC Followers
  1,200+ RSS Followers
2,500+ Facebook Fans
  730+ Twitter Followers
  1,200+ Pinterest Followers

27,000+ Page views a Month

 Thanks for stopping by and considering ad placement here on Agape Love Designs!

Much Love & Hugs,
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