Monday, September 17, 2012

Yet Another Sports Mani

Happy Monday friends!
I am back with yet another SPORTS themed Mani!
What can I say? Im a sports Momma.
My oldest, Kiah is in Soccer.
SO of course after sporting some football nails for my handsome little football player, Bruce,
I had to bust out with some soccer nails for my Kiah-Girl!
 I wasnt exactly sure how to do a soccer ball on my nail.
It was sort of trial and error.
But I took some photos along the way to show you how I did it.

1.) Paint your nail from the middle to the tip white. Making a rounded curve.
2.) Using a nail art polish brush carefully, draw a pentagon shape, one line at a time.
3.) Slowly and carefully fill in the pentagon.
4.) From each point of the pentagon, draw a line out to the edge of the white.
5.) Make a little triangle shape at the end of each line at the edge of the white.
6.) Let dry for and then add a clear top coat!
 It was a little messier and took more "skill" and a steadier hand than the football nails,
but turned out pretty good overall. And my daughter loved them.
The polishes I used were KISS Nail art paint, and Pure Ice in Hot Tamale.
 And her is my sweet girl, Kiah, all dressed up for her game day!
So far her team has had 3 games and they have won all of them!
First one 6-0, Second game 7-0, and on Saturday they won 5-0.
 She was also sportin' a matching mani.
Rockin' a T and a thunder bolt to show her team pride!

Much Love & Hugs,
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