Monday, October 22, 2012

5 Ways To Wear Purple Skinny Jeans

 When I was first contemplating buying colored skinny jeans, I was nervous because I thought I would have no clue how to wear them! I tried to search google and pinterest for ideas on how to wear purple skinny jeans, with not much luck. But, I decided to buy them anyways, to wear them with an simple black top for an easy look. But I was determined to find a few other great ways to wear them!
I didn't go too crazy with colors, mostly stuck to monochromatic black/white/gray, but Im happy with each look, and glad I could find more than one way to wear my purple skinnies!

Today I am sharing the looks I liked, to hopefully inspire and help others who might have asked the same question "What to wear with purple skinny jeans!?"

 This first look is one you have already seen if you are a regular Agape Love reader.
Its the very first look I decided on with these purple skinnies, that I mentioned above, a simple black top.
You can see more photos from this look, here, as well as a giveaway for the necklace I'm wearing!

 Second look. I was actually wearing this pink cami (along with the last shirt in this post) when I first tried on these skinny jeans. I actually liked the look of the hot pink with the purple. So I paired it with a very flowy white button up shirt. I love the pops of color the rich pink and purple give, and the fact that they're not too overwhelming with the white to help balance it out.

For the Third Look, I wanted to try my new boots with my skinnies. So I sort of went back to the first look, but wanted to break up all the black, so added the pink cami for a nice peek-a-boo pop of color!

Fourth Look, I wanted to really step out of the monochrome color box!
So I went for it with a cute flowy MINT top and white cami.
Ive always liked this color combo together, but was nervous about this look being too much.
Surprising, though, I actually like this look too.

Last look I wanted to try a print.
Again I kept it simple, with gray, and a subtle snake skin print.
Another flowy shirt... I kind of like the flowy shirts with the tight look of skinny jeans.
This look is another simple one, but the colored jeans and the printed top make it a little more fun.

Other colors I think would look great with purple skinnies is yellow.
And I would LOVE a fun polka-dot shirt to pair with them also!
Well I hope this post was helpful in inspiring you on how to wear your colored skinnies!

If you have any fun tips or ideas on how YOU wear colored jeans, please share them.
I'd love to hear and have more looks to try. ♥
I'd also love to know your thoughts on the looks I shared.
Which one was your favorite, which look would YOU wear?

Much Love & Hugs,
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  1. I love all of these! The other day, I wore these tea skinny jeans with a burnt orange and teal shirt, and I was worried about it being too much, but I got a lot of compliments at school :)


  2. I love all of your looks! Bold, but classy. The other day, I wore teal skinny jeans with this burnt orange and teal top,a dn I was worried about it being too colorful and bold, but I got a lot of compliments :)

    My Musings

  3. great job! you look great! I have yet to buy a pair of skinny might be convincing me more and more with these posts ;)

  4. Love the looks, I am dying for a pair of dark purple skinnies!

  5. Looks great. I'm still debating on the colored skinnies, can't decide between dark purple/teal/mustard yellow (I tend to like darker colors).

  6. You are absolutely GORGEOUS!!! I totally LOVE the shot of you with the rays of sunshine beaming on you. You are AWESOME!! xoxo

  7. My husband thinks I'm weird for wanting a pair of brightly colored pants, but you've just shown a ton of ways to wear your awesome purple pants. I think I'll have to head to the store ASAP. Now if I could only decide on a color!

  8. I've been lusting after a pair of purple pants lately. I'm starting to be convinced!

  9. I just ♥♥♥ brightly colored jeans...even when I was 268, I wore them because they made ME happy.
    I have 20 colors that no longer fit...gladly. I am positive that when I have reached my goal weight I will once again have a multitude of colors to wear...although I have about 40 more to go, I have added light purple, bright pool blue, latte and bright pink.


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