Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Family Portrait Outfit Inspiration

The Hubs Sweater, Brucey sweater, Zander Sweater
My Dress, Kiah dress , My Boots

You can view our family portraits here!
Kiah's tights were from Target, And her boots from Payless.
Hubs jeans from Old Navy, Boys' jeans from Target.
I am so excited because my little family is finally going to get some new portraits!
And we are going to be photographed by the awesomely talented Ryan Alexander of Alexander Creative!
He is moving to Cali, and not only that, he is moving to Redding.. Which is only 35 minutes away from me!
So as soon as I saw that, I jumped on the chance to schedule my family a session with him. ♥

If you are thinking to yourself his name sounds familiar,
well you might recognize this amazing artwork in my home:
That beautiful Print is the work of Ryan Alexander!
I am SUCH a fan!
And am so excited to be able to have him as our photographer.

So Ive been busy the last couple of weeks trying to find the perfect clothes for our family to wear.
And I finally decided on the outfits above.
There will be some accessories added in, of course.
And I am still deciding if I want Zan in blue jeans or in gray pants...
But for the most part, these are the outfits.

What do you think?
Do any of you have some cute accessories in your shop that might look great with these outfits?
If so, let me know... include a link to the item or your shop in the comment section!

Much Love & Hugs,
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  1. I love the red/gray color palette. We just did family photos (for real this time, not our blooper attempt, if you've seen my blog post) with a navy blue/gray theme. I think coordinating everyone's clothes is the most daunting task. I hope your photos turn out fabulous.

  2. Red is a favorite color of mine. I cant wait to see your family photos in these outfits. They are all so cute.

  3. Great color choices for a fall picture session :)


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