Saturday, October 6, 2012

Hey! Yo! Whoa!

Did you know that I was instagram now!?
Well I am excited to announce that I am.
Find and follow me @agapelovegirl

I am always looking for more people to follow!
Maybe its cause I am new to it, but I cant get enough. ;)

If you are not on instagram... here is a peek at my insta-life.
Yano, in case you ever want to know what I eat and the things do when I am not blogging.
  1. WORD. Yo.
  2. Tried on and BOUGHT myself some purple skinnies, people! IN the JUNIORS section. ;) WIW post soon to come...
  3. Zander looks at me funny and asks "momma, why you lips like that... that color?" Obviously I dont wear red lipstick that often!
  4. New Women's Bible Study I am doing.

    Cleaning and reorganizing the crafty room.

    1. Only the cutest little 49ers fan you ever did see!
    2. Boredom strikes while waiting for paint to dry...
    3. What I was painting
    4. Finished! One for The Hubs, one for the bro-in-law!

    1. Breakfast: Apple, Banana, Strawberries & Grapes yo!
    2. Lunch: Turkey wrap & Tomato, cucumber & Avacado salad. No dressing, just a little salt & peppah.
    3. Good morning... My COFFEE morning.
    4. More Break Fast. Half a cup of multi-grain Cheerios, fresh strawberries and vanilla yogurt.

    1. #ConvoWithTheHubs #DontBotherMeWhileImReadingYouGetInsulted
    2. The Hubs, singing and melting my heart and all.
    3. The Hubs on the edge of his seat during the last Niners game. It was a good one!
    4. Moi.
    1.  Much Love, Illy headband Love
    2. Love the packaging from Kintage
    3. New Bracelet ♥
    4. Reading, Finished, Considering, Finished.

    Much Love & Hugs,
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    1. I love the Beth Moore Studies, Im doing James now and am thinking of doing Esther next

    2. Let's go Niners :) I can't wait for tomorrow's game against the Bills! I'm loving the purple skinnies, and I'll definitely be following you! Check me out? stargirl1997



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