Friday, October 12, 2012

If We Were Besties

Dress & Blazer: Maurices, Shoes: Payless, Necklace: Premiere Designs,
Joy Ring: Heart Core Designs, Floral Ring: Agape Love Designs
If we were besties, here are a few things you might know about me....

I don't like the feeling of chalk in my hands or touching my nails. It makes my skin crawl.
But I love chalkboard stuff!

Sometimes I visit blogs JUST to see who is advertising with them.
I like to actually click on their ads, and visit their sponsors.
I dont know how many people actually do that. But I like to. Its a fun way to find new blogs.

I like to wear fake glasses just for fun.

I have saved just about all of the voice mail messages I have from The Hubs. I started doing this when he was still in the Army. He would always have to be away for missions, and such. SO I would listen to them while he was gone, when I missed him and wasn't able to talk to him. Just so I could hear his voice.
This came in especially handy when he was deployed to Iraq for a year.

In High School I made up an extra middle name for myself, and everyone believed it.. Even The Hubs, who didn't find out it wasn't my real middle name until we were married!

I am a terrible liar. (Aside from the major lie story I told in the previous statement! HAHA)

One of my biggest fears is disappointing those I love.

When I am get real angry, I use bad language. But its something I am always working on.

I am emotional, but not sensitive.

I scored this dress I am wearing, for only $6!

Compliments tend to make feel insecure. I sort of feel awkward accepting them, without sounding or seeming conceited. And I sometimes feel like they just put pressure on me to be "perfect" or live up to the standards people see me at or as. Which is guess can be good. But it goes back to that fear I have of disappointing those I love.

My favorite color is green. Surprised? I know, I'm sure you may have thought it was pink. ;)

I'm 5'4 and I wear a size 9 shoe.

I can't stand drinking milk from the cereal bowl, I have to spoon it till its gone.

Clothes with ruffles are my favorite.

I love bows.

I got saved when I was 10 years old.

Ive gone to church my whole life.

The Hubs has been my best friend since our Sophomore year in High School.

I cant stand the thought of being a burden on anyone. So much so, that when The Hubs was deployed to Iraq, I decided to stay at our current home, rather than go back to our home state to live with family.
This was a time when all the friends I knew were going back home while their hubby's deployed, a time when we lived 10 hours away from our home state and family, I had Kiah and had just given birth to Bruce Jr. 2 months before the Hubs deployed. I didn't even have my drivers license when The Hubs left.
Obviously to my family I wouldn't have been considered a burden, but I still didn't think it would be right to do.

I didn't get my drivers license until I was 22.

I want a tattoo. I currently don't have any tattoos.

Ive never ever broken a bone in my body.

I hate onions and mayonnaise.

I don't like wearing socks. I prefer to be barefoot, or in flats or flip flops.

Sometimes I feel like my sisters are the only people I can completely be myself around.

Its my dream to vacation to Italy, one day. Rome, specifically. I love the history. The Gladiators and such.

So, now that you know some things about me.... What would I know about you if we were besties?

Much Love & Hugs,
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  1. Dear Maria,
    If we were besties, you would know that I love purses and can't buy enough of them (backpacks, wallets, suitcases are in the same category.)
    If we were besties, you would know that I love to drink craft beer but my constant battle with weight makes it difficult for me to enjoy.
    If we were besties, you would know that I love my kitties almost as much as I love my hubby.
    This is fun! Thanks for sharing!
    Also, I love the pinky glitter all over your blog. Where did you find it?
    Esther Norine Designs

    1. Esther,
      Love your name! Thank you so much for sharing with me! How fun it is getting to know my readers too!!

      As for the pink glitter, well I made it! I wouldnt mind sharing if you would like. :)

  2. Hello there, Maria,
    My bestie would know this about me....
    I love cows! :) Not necessarily the real animal but things with cow pattern on it or shaped as a cow... For my birthday this year I got a big, cowpatterned suitcase from my mother-in-law....
    I love the color purple, any nuance there is...
    I live in Stockholm, Sweden. I love christmas! In a periode of my life I collected santas. Have a lot of them... I love to travel! My husbands family own an appartement in the south of Spain. I do a lot of cardmaking and scrapbooking-crafts. I do all my christmas cards myself... With a little help from my hubby... :) As the previous speaker said: I love purses too! :) Have a nice day, Maria! Hugs from Sweden!

    1. Wow, how fun to know I have readers/ besties in Sweden!! ;)

      The cow print is so cute! My daughter (ok and me too) is totally into Zebra print!!

      I also enjoy scrap booking and I love handmade cards, but I am not that great at making them! Im better at enjoying them! hehe

  3. Ah! You're the cutest!
    I'm totally going to do one of these again soon! ♥

    p.s. what was the middle name you made up!? lol

    1. Yay! Cant wait to read yours!

      Oh and the middle name was "Practice" of all things! haha Can you believe that! Maria-Isabel Practice Gonzales (Gonzales, my maiden name)

      I found it funny that after that fact, I put that I am a terrible liar! ;P Which I AM, I dont lie a lot... I try not to, but if I do try, I am no good at it! LOL

      But somehow I got everyone to believe PRACTICE was my middle name! hehe

  4. Hi Maria,
    Just to tell you that for me you are Agape rather than Maria.
    Thank you for sharing some more info about you,you are the only blogger whose posts I never miss just because they are interesting.
    Get to know more about me at


    1. Lucia,
      you are so sweet. THANK you for this wonderful comment and compliment. ♥ I am looking forward to checking out your page and getting to know more about you too!

  5. Maria "Isabella" is that your chosen name? If we were BFFs you would know that...I am the oldest of 3 girls. May is my Bday month, my favorite color is red. I am 5'7 with a size 10/11 shoe. I love to draw and paint. Sums up why I am obsessed with makeup. I grew up in Fresno Ca, now Clovis, big move lol. I met my hubs in 99 and we started dating New Yrs eve of 00, married 2/16/02. We have 3 kids and are very active in their school and sporting events. The hubs and I plan on a trip to Greece in the next 10 yrs, Lord willing.We both love Greek Mythology. Artichokes are my favorite vege. I am lactose :( I hate scary movies. I was born with one eye that doesnt move lt/rt. I would love to open my own ladies boutique one day. I used to work in medical, front and back office. Found out I hate blood, but love phlebotomy. If we lived close by, I am sure we would be BFFS. xx

    1. Andrea,

      Ummmm Yeah I am DEF sure we would totally be real life besties! I love makeup too! I love to draw and paint too.... dont do it quiet as much as I wish I could! And I didnt put this up there, but I meant to... it is my dream to have my own little shop/boutique too!! Ive been eying several places around town that I think would be so cute for a little boutique of my own. Wish we could do it together! How fun would that be!?

      Oh and btw Nope, Isabel is Legit! haha And I am fascinated by greek mythology. Very fun and interesting, in my opinion. But I kinda have a thing for History in general! I am a nerd!

  6. If we were Besties, you would know we ARE Besties, I love the color pink, I met my Hub in a bar, I had my Daughter first, then met Hub, I have 1 natural child but have emotionally adopted 3 of her friends, 1 who has a 2 yr old who calls me GramChelle, I used to be addicted to crystal meth & was anorexic but was saved by the grace of God when I got preg w/ my daughter, (a GREAT testimony by the way), I am in extreme pain most of a normal day, HATED to quit working, & LOVE your blog!!!! God bless You Maria Isabel!!

    1. Chelle,

      You are a dear sweet friend of mine, yes we ARE truly besties... Even if only through the computer! But I adore you, and I love when you share with me about YOU! What a story you must have, and a wonderful TESTIMONY too! Wow, I got goosebumps reading this about you. You are such a blessing to me, I do hope you know this!

  7. As I was reading this.. I had to chuckle on how many things were common... IF we were BFF you would know that I met my hubby in Togo, West Africa and got married there. You would also know that it took 2 years for him to get a visa to come here to America so we spent the first 2 years of our marriage apart. He left me two messages on my phone and I kept them there so I can listen to them ~ and it was usually every day!
    If we were besties you would know that I told everyone my youngest sister's name was Anastasia Olga and people believed me ~ we still have a baby card that says I love the name Anastasia Olga! and if we were besties you would know I love the name Anastasia and would name my girl that if I could carry a pregnancy to full term.
    If we were besties you would know that I don't wear socks except to work and have been known to go out in the snow with my flip flops or bare feet.

    Was fun to read about you and to get to know you.

  8. I LOVE THAT DRESS, it's pink + has ruffles = awesome. And it looks so pretty on you and getting it for $6 makes it even better.


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