Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Purple & Pink

 Hello friends.
Are you up for some makeup inspiration today?
I hope so, because I have a pretty smokey eye look to share with you today!
I know some of you may have read the words above "Purple & Pink" and may have the urge to slowly back away then run!
However I'd like to encourage you all not to be so afraid of color!
If you are careful, and pick the right color for your eye color you can really dramatically bring out your eyes without looking like Mimi - c'mon I know thats your biggest fear!
Me personally I am not afraid of color. 
You all probably already know that. I wear all colors, because I LOVE color.
But I do know which colors look best on me and which arent the greatest at enhancing my features.
Like blue, I always want to wear blue... But it doesnt look the greatest on me.

For Hazel-Green eyes like mine Brown looks amazing and so does shades of purple.

If you have blue eyes, brown is also a great color for you. But so is shades of orange, copper, peach, coral. You could also get away with some purples.

If you have brown eyes green will look great on you and also purple and some blues.

Am I missing an eye color? ;)

So work with colors that will compliment your eyes. If you are nervous about how a color might look on you, you can always google it... Say "blue eyeshadow with green eyes" (or whatever color combo you might be curious about) to see the look on others and decide from there. :)
For a while now I have been really wanting to try this pink and purple smokey eye look.
I wasnt sure if it would be a great look for me, or be too extreme. But after doing it, I LOVE how it turned out.

So if you are curious at how I got the look, I'm showing you a step by step of the process.
The colors I used are both from Maybelline. 
The purple & black comes from shadows labeled "lid" & "outter corner" of "Amethyst Smokes".
The pink & cream comes from the shadows labeled  "crease" & "brow bone" of  "Designer Chocolates"
You do not have to use these colors to acheive this look, these are simple the ones I had on hand. ♥

Step 1: Fill entire lid to crease with pink.
Step 2: With purple apply to crease and outer corner .
Step 3: Apply cream color to inner eye and brow bone, light brushing inwards from the inner eye and downward from the brow bone to blend the purple and pink.
Step 4: Apply black shadow to the underside of the lower lashes, add eye liner. 
Finish with mascara. Be sure to check out my SECRET to longer eye lashes with just mascara.
Yes I think I am now very smitten with this colorful new look. ♥
What about you!?
Who's gonna step out of their color box comfort zone and try something fun and new!?
You hope you pointed to yourself. ;)
So, if you did, and you do... please share a photo or two, I'd love to see!!

OH. And just for fun, I wanted to share this....
Because, I get so many compliments on my face and skin.

But the truth is, my skin is NOT flawless. 

I have terrible dark eye circles (they are actually worse than they look in this photo), I have un-even skin tone, I have scars and yes I do still get pimples!
My nose is the WORST. I have those little red veins under my nose. I have scars because I am a "picker".
Not like booger picker, haha, but skin picker, I pick at any pimple, zit I have!
I especially pick at my nose because I cant stand the black heads! You can see I have bad scares on it.

Go ahead and right click on this image to open in a new tab and view it larger.

You will see!
This photo shows my face before anything is on it.
Then my face after concealer, foundation, blush, bronzer & powder.
Third is with eye makeup & lip gloss.
So there you have it. Me, bare and honest.
My face is not perfect, I'm ok with that.
I'm not trying to hide myself with makeup or anything. I just really enjoy makeup including, its enhancing benefits. ;)
But I don't want anyone to ever think my this or that is "perfect" or "so beautiful" that you don't see I am just a person with flaws like everyone else.
Happy Tuesday, friends!

Much Love & Hugs,
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  1. I love that you are brave enough to show your bare face...it's still beautiful without any makeup though! I really like the purple eyeshadow :)

  2. GORGEOUS! I LOVE eyeshadow, and I love this combo! Thanks for sharing. :)


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