Monday, October 29, 2012


 Skinny Jeans, Cardi & Tank Top: Old Nacy, Shoes: Payless, Necklace: Premier Designs,
Custom Bracelets c/o: By Joyce Golden, Headband: Much Love Illy

And you cant tell but, I am wearing some amazing lip balm called Unicorn Farts
Which according to the listing: "smells like spearmint and pink cotton candy, everybody knows that!"
Its amazing.
This last week has been a roller-coaster of ups and downs.
Its been really good but there has also been some really REALLY bad stuff.

Ive lost 3 more pounds since my last weight loss update. That brings me down to 176 lbs, for anyone curious.

Ive given away just about all the clothes in my closet, because nothing was fitting me.

I was bummed, that even though I was losing weight, I wasn't looking or feeling good because Ive hardly had anything decent to wear.

Then The hubs took me shopping! I got a few new dresses, several new shirts and decided on only one pair of jeans (these ones Im wearing) because I already had bought myself the purple skinnies, recently bought myself some RED skinnies and I also plan on losing more weight... so didnt want to have a bunch of pants that wont fit me again, soon!

The Hubs picked out all but two items of my new clothes. (The tank top im wearing in this post and one of the dresses I got). I'm surprised, he did really good. And he actually pushed me out of my comfort zone to try something I never would have tried on... And it actually looked good.

I found out some really awful terribly heart breaking news. No need to go into detail, just know that several people were hurt by this news (myself included) and lots of prayer would really be appreciated. 

I cried myself to sleep a few nights last week.

I am OK, but I'm sad and my heart is deeply hurt.

Hubs and I finally took my ring to be cleaned, brightened and soldered! Which is why you might notice its missing in these photos. It took a week and I finally have it back looking brand new. 

I felt awkward walking around all week without my ring. Just didn't feel complete. :/

These boots I'm wearing in today's outfit, Ive had for almost a year. Before this month I only wore them once. I was too chicken to wear them out or be able to "pull the look off". But now they are my new favs. I LOVE the way they look. And believe it or not, they are SUPER comfy to wear. I can wear them all day and my feet don't even hurt at the end of the day. ♥ So Ive been wearing them a lot. Im sure they will show up in several more outfit posts.

Ive been getting several compliments on my weight loss again lately. I don't feel like I look that much different. But maybe its because now I finally have clothes that fit.

I have hardly been home. And have been feeling like a bum not posting, or having much scheduled or prepared for the blog like I usually do.

Because we haven't been home much except for evenings, the house was a disaster, so I had spend ALL Saturday doing some major cleaning. Not the best way to spend a Saturday in my opinion.

We have like no food in the house. SO I must do some grocery shopping today. Im not sure why, but I despise grocery shopping. And as of right now, I sort of despise all food!

I believe I am in the beginning stages of getting sick. My body and mind have been fighting it like crazy, but I have a feeling the sickness might win out. ugh.

I have had LOTS of happy mail this week. I got my fox brooch from The Wonder Forest, My 49ers headband from Much Love Illy, my fun lip balm (mentioned above) from Long Winter Soap Co., My "Share Your Style" package from my awesome partner, a package full of pretties from Curious Miss Clay, and of course my AMAZING Custom Agape Love Bracelets from Joyce Golden, seen here in today's outfit.

I got my hair done! Professionally this time! I was all excited to do something fun and maybe a little crazy/new/different. Then I remembered we are getting our family photos done the end of November. So I decided to stay safe, only get a color touch up and trim!

Lately Ive been feeling like the WORST. MOM. EVER. I don't know why. Its not like Ive REALLY done anything so wrong. But, I guess, because Ive been sort of bummed out and sad over said bad news, mentioned above, and kind of feeling like I'm gonna get sick... Ive sort of wanted to be quiet and alone and by myself while at home. Ive sort of been pushing the kids away. Just wanted peace and not to deal with "mom duties". I dont want to do that, But I also don't want to freak out on them. :(

I feel like this is a totally lame post just complaining about the bad and bragging about the good. *sigh* My mind has been occupied so much lately.. Forgive my lack of creativity.

I'm gonna end this on a good thing. I know God Loves me, dearly. Ive felt Him giving me strength. I feel He has been comforting me so much this week. I feel blessed to KNOW such a wonderful Savior. And I feel blessed that even in the BAD, I can praise Him and know true LOVE and JOY, because He has blessed me immensely more than I deserve. And that far outweighs any bad thing I have gone though, been going through or will ever go through.

 Be Blessed my friends.
Much Love & BIG BIG Hugs to you ALL,
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  1. Thanks for this actually!! Ive been having some bad days and just was feeling like God wasn't answering my prayers. Your last paragraph is so true but hurts so much right now lol one of those "I know this truth but I just don't have enough faith in it now" things.
    You are looking so great!! I can't believe you have lost so much! Keep it up!!
    Hubbies can really surprise us with fashion sense :-)

  2. 1) Prayers for you<3

    2) The best way to take care of your kids is to first take care of yourself. If you really feel bad, talk to them and explain that you're sad and need some time to deal with your emotions without freaking out- the same way you would want them to do.

  3. You look great and you're amazing!! Thanks for keeping it real! Love ya! <3

  4. you look adorable - pink is a great color on you! and congrats on the weight loss - every little bit counts! keep up the great work girl :D

  5. you look beautiful! love the boots and hairpiece!

    Sandy a la Mode

  6. You look gorgeous as always girl!


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