Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Trick Or Treat

 Just a quick post to say Happy Halloween!
I hope everyone stays safe.

Thoughts of those in the path of big bad Sandy have been on my mind. :(
Prayers are being sent your way.

For those who are dressing up, or taking your kids out
have fun and again stay safe! ♥

This is a bad picture of me, it was taken at night.
I was tired.
But needed a "practice run" of the costume,
and had The Hubs take a quick pic.
So I could get a look, since I don't have a full length mirror!

If you're curious what my costume is (everyone always asks)
I'm "Heidi" or an "Octoberfest-Girl".
IDK, I just thought the outfit was cute!
And I LOVE the pink & green combo.

Plus I had these pink pair of tights, and it went perfect with them.
I handmade the bow to match.
AND did you notice.... THE BOOTS, again.
Yes they are comfy to wear all night. ;)

Are you dressing up?
If are you, and plan on blogging about it...
Check out Miss Indie's fun costume link up!

Much Love & Hugs,
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