Saturday, October 20, 2012

Who You Are

"I don't think so, I'd probably burn to the ground the instant I stepped through the door! Haha"
That is a real response from someone who was invited to my church.
It may sound innocent and funny, but its not.

In this aspect I feel there are 3 kinds of people...
~Those who truly believe they have done too much bad in this life, they fear they can never be forgiven or saved from it.
~Those who live a life they are not WILLING to change or give up to even think about accepting forgiveness or salvation.
~Those who live imperfect lives, sin, make mistakes, done bad, have a past etc... But understand and accept that we CAN change, we HAVE been forgiven, and each day is made NEW by the GRACE of GOD.

My heart breaks for those #1 and #2 kind of people.
The people you care about, invite to church, try to encourage, be an example for, that cant or wont accept the love, grace, mercy and salvation that the Lord has for us.

It breaks my heart, and even frustrates me a little that this person would even think she cant even step into a church for fear she will be instantly judged or made known she is a sinner.
But HELLO we are ALLLLLLLL Sinners. We ALL fall short of the glory of God! But we are redeemed by the grace of God and Sacrifice of Jesus Christ (Gods One and Only Son)! (Romans 3:22-31, Romans 5:8, John 3:16)
We do not DESERVE this grace. We are all sinners who deserve death. No one can EARN this gift of grace we have been offered, we can only ACCEPT it. 
You don't have to be perfect to go to church or be a Christian. We are not perfect, only forgiven. So no one can boast, judge, act "holier than thou"... We have no right. 

However of course God wants us to live for Him, meet with Him, have a REALTIONSHIP with Him. The Bible says "draw near to God and He will draw near to you"! (James 4:8) God also wants us follow the path He has set for us. Sometimes that may seem like a hard uncomfortable path to walk. Yes it does mean giving up things we might like... Worldly things. The way we act, the things we do and say.  (Colossians 3:5-17, Romans 13:13)  

Yes it does mean change
But that doesn't mean you have to come already changed to be accepted.

If we were all capable of making ourselves perfect already, we wouldn't need church or God.
A hospital is for sick people, just as a church is for sinners. You don't go already healed,
you go TO BE HEALED.
We are told come as you are:

We can come as we are, and as we draw near to God, and He draws near to us we can become more mold-able and willing to be shaped by God into the person we were truly meant to be!

I heard a song the other day. 
It really spoke to me, and its what set this whole post into action.
Well, I believe, really it was God speaking to me through this song, that set this post into action... 

Sometimes I am not great with words, sometimes I worry I might offend people or even worse mess up God's message.

But this seemed loud and clear to me.
And when I actually feel God speaking to me, I really try to listen!
I felt He wanted me to share this message.
People want to feel accepted, need to know they ARE accepted.
There is forgiveness, love, mercy, grace and there can be change for the better. 
This song is an amazing example and reminder of that.

I put together this little artwork with some of my favorite lyrics from the song.
The parts that really spoke to me.
Read it, let it sink in.
Then scroll down and listen to the song, Ive added the video below.
Not only are the words and message so beautiful, the song is lovely on the ears as well.
I promise you are gonna love it, and try to tell me it DOESNT give you chills as you listen.
Because it gives them to ME!

Even though I am a Christian, I know I have been saved, forgiven, I am a beloved child of God... 
This message STILL holds true for me.

Every day is new, every day I stumble, and each time God is there picking me up, giving me a second chance. Because as I said before, we are all sinners.
But I know that as long as I am willing, God is working on me, changing me, molding me, and he has promised never to stop until I am complete. - Philippians 1:6

Please feel free to share your thoughts, question or concerns.
Please I ask that we stay respectful to one another.
Know that EACH and EVERY person on this earth IS a child of God.
God loves ALL of His children, whether they acknowledge or love Him back.
His sacrifice was made for ALL.
So keep this in mind when commenting, or replying to me or each other.

Much Love & Hugs,
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  1. What a great reminder and message. Thanks for this, Maria!

  2. OMG!! I absolutely LOVED that song!!! AND that message! You are getting quite good at being able to deliver the messages that God gives you Maria! You Go Girl!! You would have been very proud of me, 3-4 weeks ago I led my Daughters BFF to Jesus & she commited her life to Him!! A LOT of positive things have been happening to her, things she NEVER thought would happen!! She has been resisting me for years! I just knew it was time! This was a HUGE miracle for me & I am SO appreciative that the Lord allowed ME this time w/ her!! She has been posting things on her FB about how happy she is lately & how her life is changing for the better & she gives Him ALL the Praise & Glory! Her relationship w/ her Mom is healing & she is seeing her very disfunctional brother changing HIS ways slow but sure!! Her Mother & I had a nice LONG talk yesterday about her & her little "miracles" & she is very happy that I call her Daughter MY stepdaughter!! I am not sure if she has told her Mom yet soMom is next!! Well, I have taken up enuf of your 'comment' section so I will end this here! Love Ya & God Bless You & Yours!!!

  3. So true. Jesus himself was chastised for hanging around "sinners," and his response was effectively to ask why he would need to be around those who didn't need him. Of course we all need him, but his point was that he was helping (and being near) the people who needed him the most!


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