Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Family Portraits

Over the weekend my family and I got our photos done by the amazing Ryan Alexander.
We have never had our family photos professional done, so I was thrilled, excited and even a bit nervous!
But I just LOVE LOVE LOVE how they came out. Ryan is great, and I very highly recommend him.
By the way, he also creates beautiful & meaningful subway art prints & canvas' in his shop here.
I actually own one of them, its perfect. Ive written about it here.

Anyways... On with the photos. There we SO many I wanted to share with you all.
But I've limited them, and this post is STILL going to be long.
So I decided to break it up into two posts, these ones in our family outfits, the next in our 49ers gear!
 Zander, my youngest, had just woken up from a nap and was a little grumpy at first.

The Hubs & I. ♥

My Kiah-Girl. ♥

My studly little man, Bruce, or Brucey as I call him. ;)

And the little booger, Zan.

I LOVE this one of Zander, it has a kind of "super hero" feel to it.
 Zander is such a character, I truly believe he may be an actor one day, this photo is so 'him'!

Kinda digging the seriousness of this photo.
Love this one.

Now, we've got some smiles going on.
And I reminded Zander that if he was good we would take the kids out for Ice Cream.
He was mostly all smiles after that! ;)
Tickle attack!

The kidlets.
I believe, and its SO HARD to pick just ONE, but this may be my favorite of the kidlets together.

This one is sweet too, though, Brucey was kinda the awkward kid out. haha
He is SO shy, he tends to get that "awkward" smile and stiff 'pose' when the camera is on him.
I love this one too.

My husband is gorgeous. Hello eye candy. haha ;)

I cant wait to get these up on our walls now!
Do you have a favorite?
I'll be sharing the 2nd part of our photos on Friday. :)

Much Love & Hugs,
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  1. these are awesome! and you look incredible! :)

  2. oH MY GOODNESS!!! Your whole family is gorgeous!!! GREAT photos!

  3. I love all your matching outfits! Such a good looking family.

  4. What a beautiful family! I love how yal really popped out like a 3D picture! Amazing!

  5. These are amazing photos!!!
    I love the matching outfits!

  6. The photos are INCREDIBLE!!!!! WOW AMAZING!!!!

    Such a GORGEOUS and HAPPY Family! Every single of the shots just beams with happiness! LOVE IT! xoxo

  7. I WAS going to say a favorite, but then it kept changing as I went along :) Great pictures!

  8. These are stunning!

  9. Love the close up shot of the kids. Their eyes are so soul-full (if that makes sense), and the coloring is stunning! Such a beautiful family!


  10. You all are beautiful! I just discovered your blog because I came across a Christmas handprint with the name Zander on it through pinterest. That's my baby boy's name too. After some browsing I see you have lost some weight and you look gorgeous!

  11. Maria! These are stunning. You look gorgeous...love the ones of you and Mr. Agape. xx

  12. You have such a lovely family! - u r so blessed!!!

  13. AS someone who photographs as both a hobby and profession, your daughter is absolutely gorgeous and extremely photogenic. WOrk that!


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