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Fitness 101: MORE Healthy Snacks

Fitness 101: MORE Healthy Snacks 
By popular request, today I would like to share some more healthier snack option for you!
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One of the KEY components to reaching your health and fitness goals is your diet. If you do not eat the right things than you will not be able to see the results you are wanting! Yes eating right may be hard at times, and YES it is a HUGE sacrifice. But in the end it will help you to reach your goals. You do not want all of your hard work in the gym to go to waste! Work hard in the gym and reward your body with the right food choices!  

Yogurt it one of my favorite snacks to grab and have on a busy day or after the gym. Quick helpful tip… make your own “Yogurt cups” Buy the BIG container of PLAIN yogurt at the grocery store. Yes I said PLAIN (no flavor, nothing else added) for a even better healthy snack get greek yogurt! Buy small reusable Tupperware (I would suggest the 1-2 cup sizes) OR reuse other containers you may have at home. The suggested serving size is ½ - 1 cup of yogurt. Portion out the ½ or 1 cup portions of yogurt into your plastic cups. Now here is the fun part…add things like 1 serving size of nuts…1 serving size of fruit…a table spoon of honey or peanut butter. You can pretty much add ANYTHING. This in the end is CHEAPER and HEALTHIER! The pre made yogurt snacks pack more calories and usually more sugar (as well as other things) not to mention they are more expensive. If you portion out a huge tub throw a few of the portions in the freezer! You can let them somewhat thaw out and have and yogurt “ice cream” treat OR use it for a smoothie for the perfect post workout treat!  

Popcorn can be a great quick snack. BUT only if you are eating it the right way! Here are a few tricks that should help you create a HEALTHIER popcorn option to snack on! When you go to the store get a few things: brown paper bags, popcorn kernels (usually found in a big bag) , spices that you may like (Mrs. Dash has an AMAZING Fiesta Lime spice that I regularly use!!) When you get home and you want to create this snack open a brown bag, place about ¼ cup of the kernels in the bottom of the bag, fold the top of the bag over a few times (do not fold it all the way to the bottom!! I usually fold it over twice just to help keep it closed), place the bag in the microwave and let it pop! The brown paper bag insulates the heat and allows the kernels to pop like in a “regular” popcorn bag. The time will vary depending on what kind of microwave you have. Usually about 2 minutes is long enough! If it is not, empty out the popped kernels, refold the bag, and toss it back into the microwave. Put the popped popcorn into a bowl and sprinkle your favorite seasonings on it! There are some great low sodium options as well at the grocery store. This is SO MUCH healthier and SO MUCH cheaper than buying the boxes of popcorn at the store. The boxes cost about $4.00 for a box of 4-8 bags of popcorn. The bag of kernels usually cost around $2.00 and the paper bags I got were “store brand” and cost me $0.99! Not only did it is save me money, but the kernels will give me MORE servings than the premade boxed popcorn!

 Vegetable Chips:
 I have heard so many women at my job RAVE about these new vegetable chips that you can buy at the store. Not only are they just as expensive (if not more) than regular chips, they are also processed and not as good for as you think they are!! MAKE YOUR OWN!! You can do this with almost any vegetable! I have made zucchini, sweet potato, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, apples, even okra! All you have to do is this: Get your desired veggie. MAKE SURE TO CUT THEM INTO THIN SLICES!!! The thinnest you can get them the better! When they cook the moisture will come out and that is how they will become crispy/crunchy. Get a cookie sheet. Spray/wipe with olive oil. Place the veggies on the pan and sprinkle seasonings over the veggies. I usually have the oven on about 300 degrees (you will HAVE TO WATCH AND ADJUST the temperature. Each oven is different. I would start with 250 and work up not going over 350) You will have to watch them because they do indeed cook fairly quick after they have been in the over 20 minutes. Mae sure to watch them so they get as brown/crispy as you would like. I have used knives or slicers that you can get at the local store to get my slices to be thin. It does take a little practice to get them to the thickness that you like. Bake them…sprinkle with a little seasoning…take them out and let them cool. And then ENJOY!!! It is important that you let them cool before you package them!! If not, condensation from the heat will build up and they will NOT be crispy anymore. I hope that these few tips were helpful! 

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  1. Thank you! This gave me some new ideas that shouldn't completely derail my weight-loss efforts. One question on the paper bags for popcorn (since I'm out of oil for my Stir-Crazy popper anyway) is it just the lunch-size bags you use? I see personal servings of popcorn in my future!


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