Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Hello Fall

Skinny Jeans & Flannel: Old Navy, Cami: Ross, Boots: Target
Earrings & Necklace c/o: Annabell & Louise Designs, Makeup: get the "How-To" Here

Hello Fall.
Whats that?
Oh, right, Fall technically started back in the end of September....

Yeah, well if you live around my parts (NorCal) things are only JUST now feeling like Fall.
It had still been hot (or at least very warm) around here, I'm talking 80 degree weather, up until this week.

This week has CHILLLLLLY!
Its finally been cold enough to wear boots, scarves, layers, and long sleeve shirts.
Cold enough for me to want NEED to turn the heater on!

And well, I'm slightly excited for that.
So I say again, HELLO FALL, it's nice to see you.

I'm ready for some Hot Cocoa (Sugar free for me).
I'm ready for some under the blanky, snuggling time.
I'm ready to bust out some cute warm scarves.
I need to find myself a totally cute eskimo like jacket to wear, and cover my head in!

Speaking of clothes, I must just mention this flannel shirt I'm wearing.
I mentioned a week or so back on Instagram/Twitter that The Hubs took me shopping.
He picked out all but two items of clothing that I got.
This flannel shirt was HIS idea.

When I first saw the row of flannel shirts, I instantly started for another direction.
HE made a bee-line to them!
"How about one of these shirts, Scunny?"

Me- "Uhhh... I dont really DO flannel. Ive tried. It looks awful one me."
Hubs- "Well just TRY it and let me see. I'll be the judge of that. Here take this one, I like this color."
Me- "YOU like these bright colors?"
Hubs- "Yeah, you look good in bright colors. Why you dont like them?"
Me- "Oh, no.. Yeah I like those colors. Just surprised YOU would pick or like them."

ANYWHO.... Long story, short... I tried it on, and actually liked it on. 
I showed The Hubs, and well... Lets just say he LOVED it on me.
Go figure. Hubs can shop!
He doesnt LIKE to (or so he claims).
But It seems he likes dressing me up. HA.

Soo... How's Fall coming along in YOUR neck of the woods?
What's your favorite thing about this time of year?

Oh and please do tell..
Does your husband like to shop for you or help you pick out clothes, ever?
Do you trust his taste and fashion choices? 

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Much Love & Hugs,
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  1. SO funny! My husband and I went to Old Navy just last night, and out of everything I tried on... his favorite was the flannel! I ended up buying two haha! I think this flannel looks great on you, and it's my favorite kind of outfit, because it looks comfortable too :).

  2. A little bit of honesty... I'm captivated by that eye makeup! I wish I could pull it off!!!! I love shopping with my hunny!

  3. Yes to flannel! Comfy and Cozy is what I am going for this season. That color looks great on you. You can also add a large knit sweater or cardi just to give you more layers. Girl I WANT YOUR BOOTS! gasp...

  4. i always love your eye make-up, friend. you look fantastic! and way to rock that plaid flannel - love it!

  5. I must say, your husband did a great job!!! You look amazing! LOVE the colors of the flannel! :)


  6. YOu look amazing as usual dear. Miss you guys! Hugs all around... Also go look at my pintrest board on gift ideas, I posted some ideas for the Kids christmas presents there. Bibles all around this year.

  7. I am a new GFC follower! I adore your outfit! ^_^

  8. Haha my husband is kind of the same way, he claims to hate shopping but he does surprisingly well on clothes for ME!

  9. I love your flannel shirt and your eyeshadow looks amazing!

  10. My hubby finds the best clothes for me. I can go and find nothing. He goes and finds cute stuff that fits. I wish I could figure out his secret.

    I Love the family coming together part! I Love that everyone is taking vacations. Shopping. Giving! I Love all of it!
    I have no idea how i reached your blog! But I'm in Love ;)

  12. Fall here? It just started getting cold. I love how you do all of the colors in your eyeshadow :)

  13. I think Hubs made an AWEsome choice in this shirt! The colors are perfect for you & BOY, have you lost some pounds. Girl, you look GORGEOUS!!!!! Not that you were'nt pretty before, well, you know what I mean!!!! Nice look! Love those boots!

  14. Your makeup in these photos is so pretty! Thanks for stopping by my blog, I've just had a read through yours too :) Love how your personality sines through in your posts :D


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