Wednesday, November 7, 2012

If You Asked Me About The Presidential Results...

With the election finally over it seems everyone is in an uproar about the results.
Then again, people have been in an uproar since it all started!
Im not sure if anyone noticed or cared, but I have remained very silent about it all.

Im sure this may frustrate or even shock some people... But I am just not a big "political" person.
I kinda-sorta don't care!
Yeah, I said that. Sorry to disappoint.
I mean yeah, I DO care.
But I'm not like so many Americans who are all over the news coverage, the polls, the speaches ect..... 
Ready to debate their side and THEIR Prez choice.

I'm just sort of like "eh..."
I know I may get some flack for that. 
I'm sure some people will tell me I'm taking my American rights for granted.
I'm sorry if you think that. 
I do love America, I do love and enjoy our freedoms.
I'm just not in a big fit about who should be president right now.
But if you'd ask me, I would tell you that, No I was not rooting for Obama. But No, I am not surprised by the results.


I wanted to share with you all something I found interesting I discovered while doing my bible study on Esther, that I think TOTALLY applies to the situation.

As I said, I am studying Esther. (Esther: Its Tough Being A Woman by Beth Moore)
In the start of the study, Beth has us do a little history homework. We were to learn a little bit about King Xerxes and his lineage. We go back to look at his grandfather King Cyrus...

ANYWAYS... While looking at a passage about King Cyrus, I happened to notice in the the margin of my bible some info about Cyrus that really STRUCK me about the recent Presidential Elections. (This is on page 738 in the Women of Faith Study Bible, for anyone curious.)

"When Cyrus of Persia takes control of the Babylonian Empire, he changes the existing policy concerning the captives under his control. He gives specific written instructions that allow Jewish exiles to return home to rebuild the temple at Jerusalem. Historical evidence indicates that Cyrus allowed other exiles to return to their homes and countries as well.

In making this strategic decision, Cyrus fulfills Jeremiah's prophesy that the captivity will last 70 years (Jer 25:11-12; 29:10) A century and a half earlier, another prophet, Isaiah, had predicted that God would "stir up" a leader names Cyrus to work on behalf of God and his people (Isa 41:2, 25; 44:28; 45:1, 13).

We may think that Cyrus is an unlikely tool in God's hands, since he represents the pagan opposition. However, our sovereign God can and will use anyone or anything to accomplish his purposes. We need not panic when circumstances look impossible. Our God is in control. We can trust his word."

What this says to me is that, who ever you voted for or where hoping would win or not win...
Do not be discouraged.
Trust in God.
Remember that each and EVERY person on this earth is a beloved child of God.
Good or bad (in our opinions) this is truth.

So instead of ranting, arguing, feeling discouraged, worried, panicked... WHATEVER you are feeling...
Instead how about we just pray, uplift, and encourage.
Our country's leader will need our prayer.
And I would say this whether the president was Romney or Obama... Or whoever else.
Our country's leaders will NEED our prayer.

Its a big job to "run" a country.
And I was telling The Hubs the other day (Because he IS big into politics) that one of the reasons I "dont care" and get annoyed by this all is because people will moan and complain NO MATTER WHO wins!


As Americans, we need to stop complaining about one or a certain human, 
and the "problems" he created, or couldn't fix!

Lets instead put our words to GOOD use!
Lets have our ACTIONS be ones that DO GOOD.
You want change? Start with yourself!
You want an example? BE ONE!

Pointing fingers and casting blame doesnt solve anything.
And it only fuels hatred.
That is exactly the thing the devil wants.

Lets instead trust God's word, that He can and WILL use ANYONE or ANYTHING to accomplish his purpose. And PRAY for that to happen.
And not JUST for the President, but for EVERYONE on this planet.
Can we do that?
To quote President Obama: "Yes We Can!"

 Thanks for reading friends
Much Love & Hugs,
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  1. You totally put my feelings into words I didn't have! Bless you!

  2. I applaud you for writing this blog post! I am also not all in the media but I do vote! The onething that stuck out to me about your post was that we ought to pray for the president and this country! The only ruler over this world if the almighty God! Thank you for being brave enough to post this!

  3. Amen! My thoughts exactly. The bible tells us to pray for our political leaders regardless...I too did not vote, not registered nor watch any debates. I trust the word of God.

  4. Wise words. I completely agree. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I think you put out a great perspective and remind about what the true focus is. All of this negative squabbling benefits no one.

  6. Well said! You summarized my thoughts exactly. I'm not overly thrilled with the outcome of the election and I'm nervous to see where we, as a country, will be in the next four years. But, as long as I hold tight to my faith and my family and remember that God is in control, all will be well. I hope and pray that we can pull together as a country and all work together for the good of all.

  7. Well put, I totally agree. I am into politics to some degree but when all is said and done.... GOD is still the one in control and complaining and bickering and worrying will not change things. Trusting in GOD and praying for the leaders in control will. Love you!

  8. Took my words and placed it here, well done girl, love ya!!

  9. Just found you today through pitterandglink. Have really enjoyed your posts. This one is exactly how I feel & think. I have sat quietly, trying not to get annoyed, listening to the negativity on both sides. I totally believe God is in control & now thanks to you I will speak up & say "Instead of complaining, why don't we pray for leaders?" Thank you so much!


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