Friday, November 16, 2012

Life, Clothes, Food, Silly Convos With The Hubs

Have you seen the sweet new instagram profiles now?
I LOVE that you can see it all on a regular computer now, not just a phone or tablet. :)
 Here is mine if you are curious:
Not sure how to see/find yours?
Just remove "agapelovegirl" from my link above and put your user name in!

If youre on instagram, leave your profile link below!
I am always looking for more people to follow!

If you are not on instagram... here is a peek at my insta-life.
Yano, in case you ever want to know what I eat and the things do when I am not blogging.
I have not posted my IG photos in a while... so there are lots!
  1. When you stare at someone upside down long enough and they start looking almost alien and you can't stop laughing! #youknowyouvedoneit
  2. A little bit of yum for only 10 calories! :-)
  3. Its a good mail day! Got my @inspirednails decals today! #pink #cheetahprint #mustache
  4. #BigHair :-)

    1.  Light makeup & a messy side pony, for the morning I was in the nursery at church!
    2. #WhatMariaEats
    3. An oldie clip from the shop :-)
    4. An oldie clip from the shop :-) 
    1. I only drink this when The Hubs is gone.
    2. A Momma's lap is never her own!
    3. Hubs was gone, I was missing hi.
    4. Find and play with me! User name: agapelovegirl

    1. Wearing heels and doing laundry. Yup #ImJustThatFabulous ;)
    2. Watching #DropDeadDiva in my room while finishing up my laundry.
    3. My newest favorite thing! #numnums
    4.  @muchloveilly headband in #49ers colors! Yeah baby! :-)

    1. Remade my mommas birds nest necklace to include her 4 "in memory" pearls. Hers was the very first nest necklace I ever made & it was before I started adding the memory pearls.
    2. My little super hero #Zander
    3. Happy birthday to my sweet niece Audrina! Wearing the bow headband I made for her!!!
    4. Yes I colored myself a mask at my nieces' birthday party! Lion cause I'm a Leo...and yes she had to have a bow! #duh

    1.  #BlackBearDiner for lunch with the hubs! :-) #WhatMariaEats
    2. Yes, for the first time in about a year I indulged in a bean & cheese burrito from #tacobell OK I also had to try that doritos locos taco too. It was so good! #WhatMariaEats
    3. Sewing on the go! #YesIAlwaysHaveToBeDoingSomething!
    4. New bracelet I made myself... yes it also has a story behind it. (p.s. You will have a chance to WIN one like it tomorrow!)

    1. It had been a hard day. I'm sad, but my trust and faith is in God to get through. 
    2. Shopping with The Hubs
    3. The dress I picked... #oldnavy #ShoppingWithTheHubs
    4. Dress The Hubs picked! Oh the differences in taste between a man and a woman. ;)

    1. Yummy-ness. My fav tea with some autumn spice #HoneyTeaThyme honey that I got from my #octloveclub box!! :-)
    2. Hey the blog got a make over, did you notice!? ;)
    3. Lunch with The Hubs! I was so hungry I forgot to get a pic before I devoured my whiskey river BBQ chicken wrap, with no ranch! I skipped the fries & got the speckled fruit salad instead. #WhatMariaEats #RedRobin #yum
    4. Not much difference in my hair. I remembered we are getting our FAM photos soon, so didn't want to anything crazy! So I got a trim and color touch up!

    1.  Chilli'
    2.  Naughty snacking today!! #OhNoes #WhatMariaEats
    3.  #ThingsTheHubsSays #ConvosWithTheHubs #wheatthins #lol #ThisSeriouslyJustHappened
    4. Making and wearing lots of bows lately!

    1.  #happeningnow Long day, not feeling good. Bubbles should help.
    2.  Loving these products right now! They smell so good!
    3.  Bahaha #ConvosWithTheHubs #thisseriouslyjusthappened #icrackmyselfup I totally didn't even mean for it to happen that way, it just did. I'm still laughing over it. :-)
    4.  #49ers shirt :-)

    1. Saw Wreck It Ralph with my fam & my sister @christianmomma7 & her fam. Had fun, such a cute movie!!!
    2. My little Helper #Brucey
    3.  "Momma, come look at my 'Z' I made!" Super proud of himself! Love it!!! #Zander
    4.  #weightlossjourney goal to fit into my #wedding dress again, and actually be able to use it. Hubs and I never got to have a real wedding. I'd love to have a party/ceremony and wear my dress and get the photos and celebrate right.

    Much Love & Hugs,
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    1. Such a great fun life you have!

    2. Fun pictures. you're always so pretty. I love that you jot down convos with the hubs! I do the sane thing. "We" make me laugh :)

    3. I have really enjoyed following you on instagram! Here is mine

    4. Love the peek inside your life! What I REALLY liked was the dress the Hubs chose in the 7th block!!!! You look so hot in that dress Maria!!! Please tell us you got it!


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