Saturday, November 17, 2012

Talk About Embarrassing!

Hello friends!
I am so glad you stopped by today, because today's post is an extremely FUN one.
But first let me back track, because I love telling back stories, you know.
So sit back, and listen... Or well, READ, cause I promise this will be good and worth it.

Ok, so a while back I was pondering on the quote "perfectly imperfect."
 I was thinking how much I really like that quote, how it really does describe us humans so well.
After all we ARE made in God's perfect image, but we are human, so we have flaws!
At the same time, we can still love and be loved despite of those flaws.
And in some cases we are loved BECAUSE of our flaws.
Its ok that we are not perfect, we are perfectly imperfect and again, that is ok.

Now, while thinking about this subject, my mind wandered to some of my not so perfect moments.
Then my mind wandered even more to some of my totally awkward and embarrassing moments!
And then the next thing you know I was sitting there laughing at myself over them.
Of course my next thought was "Oh man, this would be a great blog post. Ive got to share these."
So I AM going to share some of my laughably awkward and embarrassing moments with you!
AND not only that, but I have also asked my sponsors to share an embarrassing story of theirs with you too! So we can all have a laugh at ourselves and each other, and remember that we are all perfectly imperfect humans.

Ok, I am going to share with you 3 stories.
They go in order from "somewhat embarrassing, but mostly awkward", to "pretty embarrassing", to
"Wow, Maria, I cant believe you are really going to admit how dumb you are to everyone - extremely Embarrassing".

You ready for this?

 Ok so first up... Let me preface this by saying I hate when teachers try to teach you a lesson without telling you they are teaching you a lesson. Moving on to the story...
Story #1

When I was in 5th grade we moved. I was in a new school.
I was in this new class maybe a week when we had a small class field trip.

It was just a trip the park to play with water and bubbles or something like that.
I cant really remember the point of the trip, maybe it was simply just for fun. What I do remember was that the teacher has brought several bubble wands and bubble guns and such for us to play with.

I saw one I wanted to play with, picked it up and walked to the teacher to ask if I could play with it.

"Mrs. Teacher (I cant remember her name), Can I please play with this one?"

She looked at me and replied with: "I dont know, can you?"

Me looking confused now, trying to figure out why she asked me that. I thought maybe I missed the 'please'...
"Oh, Can I PLEASE play with this one?"

Her, staring down at me: "I dont know, can you?"

Me, getting a lump in my throat, face getting hot with embarrassment. I shyly and quietly say
"Uhh... I dont know, thats why I am asking you"
I start to feel tears welling up in my eyes as she just continues to stare at me.

After what seems like forever, I set the gun down on the table and start to walk away.
Feeling sad, awkward and like a total idiot!

Then she asks a student near by... "Carlos, why dont you tell Maria how we ask for things."

Carlos: "You have to say 'May I'."

Me quietly: "Oh... May I use this, please?"

Her: "Yes you may."

After that, she walked away. And I didn't even want to play with it after that. I set it back down and walked away. I didn't go pout or feel sorry for myself at all. I just felt embarrassed, and sort of mad. But also shy. So I just sort of sat and watched the other kids play. Thinking to myself about why I hadn't known to say "May I". I always thought "please" was the magic word.

But I get what she was trying to get to me, I dont need to ask if I COULD do something.. that was for me to decide. To ask permission is not a matter of can or cant....

UGH, she could have just SAID that! I WAS a new student after all. Talk about AWKWARD!

Story # 2

One time when I was in high school, 10th grade to be exact, a couple of my friends were talking about Justin Timberlake. They asked me a question about him that they were trying to figure out.

Me, not realizing who JT was, but thinking his name sounded kind of familiar, I assumed they were talking about some local kid. I was like "does he go to school here or west Valley (a school in the next town over)"

They looked at me as if trying to figure out if I was serious or not.
 When they realized I was serious, they couldn't help but bust up laughing!

So yeah, as a kid in high school that was pretty embarrassing.
In my defense, we grew up kind of poor.
We didn't even have cable for a long time. And you dont get MTV on local channels! LOL

Story #3

This one happened a little more recently. About a year or so ago.
 So, The Hubs and I were coming home from something.
We pulled into the driveway, and I had several things to carry in, so I asked Hubs for help.
He said he had to go pee really bad and started to rush out.

I knew he was just kind of being a stinker, so I was starting to get all mad at him.
So he rushes out of the car, and Im sitting there a little heated, and start to gather my stuff.
He is half-way to our front door when he turns around and gives me an impish look.
Then he raises the keys and I hear the beeper go off that locks our car doors/sets the alarm.

I INSTANTLY go into panic/pissed off mode!
I yell at him to unlock the doors and he just smiles and turns to run inside, like a child!
I start to freak out thinking I am actually locked inside - as in STUCK, TRAPPED in our car!
I'm yelling at him - like how dare he lock me in our car, especially when I asked for help.
Even though he was already in the house, and couldn't hear me.

It literally took me a minute or two to calm down and REALIZE that all I had to do was open my door and the car would unlock automatically! I ACTUALLY forgot that I had control of the locks, being INSIDE the car!! 
*Palm, meet Face!*
My anger QUICKLY faded into TOTAL embarrassment! Ive never told anyone about that. And I didn't even admit to The Hubs that I truly believed he has "trapped" me in the car. I just let him think I was mad about him not helping me with my stuff. HAHA I felt (still do feel) like SUCH an idiot for that! But it is also SO funny to me, that I am THAT ridiculous! hahaha PLEASE feel free to laugh at and make fun of me for that one.

If you had seen the tantrum I threw about it in the car, you would DEFINITELY be pointing and laughing at me. And I wouldn't blame you. ;)
Well, those are some of MY embarrassing momenta! 
Now continue to read the stories my brave sponsors have to share. ♥

Krista of Saturated Canary BlogShopFacebook

Hi! My name is Krista and I blog over at Saturated Canary.  
My funny/embarrassing story?  Hmmm, many to choose from!
I'll share the embarrassing moment that *unfortunately* no one else saw.  Unfortunately, because I wish I had it on video.  Pretty sure I could have won some major muno with it on some funny video show!  

I was running in my basement on the treadmill and thought I heard a bang upstairs.  Both kids were sleeping, so I got a little worried.  
I dropped the speed down let the treadmill continue to run because my kids will wake up when that humming stops:).  Weird, but true...the little humming noise coming from the heater vents makes them sleep well, and I really wanted to finish my run.  (They grew up falling asleep to treadmill noise while I lost my baby weight!)

Anyways...nothing looked weird upstairs.  Husband and kids, sound asleep.

So back down I went.  I, however, forgot the treadmill was still going.  I know-- the noise should have given it away, but it is just so much a part of my daily routine, I don't even notice it anymore!  I walked into our basement room, turned around to shut the door, and stepped backwards onto the moving treadmill.  It really was not my brightest moment.  

I fell flat back, slammed my head on the belt, and then it shot me right off into the wall a few feet away.  

Yeah, totally amazing video, right!? 

Long story short. 
I gave myself a concussion. 
And a back full of brush burns.  
Also, I learned to never let the treadmill run when I'm not in the room. 
But, if I make sure there is at least someone to capture me shooting off it into a wall.
Because I could always use a good laugh:).

Brandi of Annabell & Louise Deigns  ShopFacebook
i am about 21 years old, i am working at the local hospital in the medical record department. we have a new boss and she is not very nice. she asks me to help her train the new girl and i agree. she asks me a question and i give her my answer and she does not think i am correct and tells the new girl that she may have picked the wrong person to train her. i am beyond peeved. she wanted my help and now she is putting me down. so, what does my 21 year old irritated self do?? i immaturely email my co-worker/friend next to me venting about "how i cant believe the boss asks for my help and then is rude to me and if she didn't want my help she shouldn't have asked for it, and she should really know what shes doing as the boss"...blah blah blah...well our work email automatically puts in the persons name as you begin typing it. and oops- my friend and my boss both have the same initials!!! CRAP!!! i keep looking at my friend for her to acknowledge receipt of my email and she doesn't. i am so scared that i don't even want to look in my sent folder. i finally look and i realize that i just emailed my boss a message about herself that is so horrible. long story short, i immediately clocked out and went home for the rest of the day, too embarrassed to confront what i had just done. a few hours later my boss called me at home, asked me to come in for a meeting. i agreed and we then both cleared the air, apologized, and hugged! neither of us work there anymore but still occasionally talk to this day! thank you God for helping me learn a hard lesson and for having a very forgiving supervisor!! My cheeks still get red just thinking about that day!

Vicky of Curious Miss Clay
 I was on my way to a craft fair and had a box full of all my essentials (till,business cards and bags) and I put the box ontop of my car and drove off with it still on the roof. It was only when I heard a huge crash that I realized the entire box was strewn across a busy main road. I had to get out and pick up everything! and try not to burst into tears in the process.


Lena of Lena B, Actually  BlogFacebookTwitter
Recently, I was helping out at the reception desk at work.  A client came in to pay and wanted me to staple the receipt to his other papers... so, as he's holding his papers together, I politely go to staple them and BAM! He jumps and screams "ow!"  I scream like a little girl and I'm all like "oh my God, I'm so sorry..." and then he's all like "Ha! Just kiddin' little one! Gotcha good, didn't I!?"
Um yeah. Thanks, guy.

Christine of The D.I.Y. Dreamer BlogFacebookTwitter
A few months ago, a bigger man was showing me photos of his son's newborn baby.  We were in awww on how cute the baby was was.  Out of no where Ema comes up to the man puts her hand on his belly and asks how he can have photos of his baby when he's still in his belly.  EMBARRASSING!!!!!  Luckily he found her very funny.... OUFFF!!!

Now that you have read some of MY embarrassing moments, and through my totally rad sponsor's embarrassing moments (Thanks ladies for being brave to share!), I would like to encourage you to share YOURS! Remember its OK to laugh at our self sometimes! 

AND as a plus for being such fabulous readers and friends, I want to give one lucky Agape Love Reader this bracelet! You can see me wearing one like it in this post here. I made it as a reminder of being "perfectly imperfect." I used those freshwater pearls, which as you can tell are not perfectly round. They are all kinds of funky shaped. But they are beautiful none the less! A perfect reminder that we are all perfectly imperfect, dont ya think?
You can enter to win this bracelet through the rafflecopter widget below!
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 Good Luck!

Much Love & Hugs,
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  1. U should link your stories up to my 50 shades of stupid Series. I love embarrassing stories :)

  2. Oh man, I have two many embarrassing stories to just pick one! Love reading your blogs. Can't wait to see you tomorrow at the shower:) xo

  3. Thanks for letting me be a part of it!! ♥

  4. Too funny! I have so many stories!I call mine "blonde moments" even thought I'm no where near blonde! Thanks for sharing yours!

  5. Well I was working the front desk while the receptionist went to lunch (I usually worked in back). This particular day I was wearing my NEW earrings that were actual working timepieces! I was pretty excited & proud. A man came in off the street, JUST asking if I knew what time it was, he went on to blather about forgetting his watch at home. I sat there, grinning ear to ear while I put my hair behind my ears & was very cooly shaking my head from right to left. He kinda looked at me funny & again asked if I knew the time. I again, shook my head, grinnin like an idiot, hoping he would see for himself what time it was. Well, w/ a disgruntled look on his face, he said never mind & muttered something about being deaf & stomped off!! I couldnt understand his rude ass attitude. When Maggie came back from lunch I told her about Mr Rude, put my hair behind my ears & asked her if they were THAT difficult to read. She started giggling, then laughing out loud, then laughed so hard she couldnt breathe. She was having too much difficulty trying to say what was so funny so I went into the lounge to see if in fact my NEW earrings WERE that hard to read when I saw for myself, there were NO earrings ON my ear lobes! I had forgot that I removed the L one so I could answer the phone. Not wanting to look like a GOOF, I also removed the R one so I wouldnt look stupid w/ only ONE earring on! At that point, I started to laugh!! Oh well, all in a days work, eh?!!!!

  6. In high school, I was walking across the parking lot to my car. I noticed a cute boy behind me, and as I turned around to get a better look, I ran into a parked car. Hard. The car alarm goes off, and I turn around to see if cute boy noticed. He was sitting on the pavement laughing. He proceeded to pull out a set of keys and turn off the alarm.

  7. I just looove this cross-bracelet!!!! :o)
    Your stories were soo funny!
    Hugs from Sweden!

  8. Hilarious! I love reading embarrassing stories!
    When I was in HS I was in our school choir. We were performing a Footloose medley and I had a duet with another chick singing Almost Paradise. (no idea why 2 girls were asked to sing that song). Well, I thought it would be a good idea to record myself in a mini tape recorder so I could hear what I sounded like.
    The next day in History we were all asked to read a section out of our textbooks, quietly to ourselves. It was dead quiet in the room and then we heard, "I thought that dreams belonged to other men..." I freeze...thinking what in the world is the recorder doing in my backpack?? This can't really be happening.
    By this time, all eyes are on me and I'm frantically trying to find where the recorder could be. All along the singing keeps going. 10 years later I find it and turn it off. My teacher gives me "the eye"and everyone eventually goes back to reading. the girl in front of me asks if it was me singing. I just play it off and say it was my sister playing with my recorder. Yeah, I'm sure my beet red face was easy to believe.

  9. maria, I would have yelled at the teacher, what a poop!!! and the locked in car one is freaking hilarious hahaha


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