Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Trading {Sponsor} Spaces

If you follow me on instagram, you know that I mentioned doing ads a little different this month.
Because December is usually a time we are all pretty low on extra cash, I thought I would offer my sponsor options differently this month. Now, of course if you'd like to, you can still PURCHASE an ad space too.
But for those of you looking for great advertisement without spending the extra cash...
I have options for you.

For December, I am offering ALL ad spaces for product trade!
I believe this can be a win/win for all.
Not only will my sponsors be getting advertisement in the form of a button/feature/giveaway, 
but also each time I wear or use your item in a post (which I will link to you in) its even more exposure. 
And of course in return I have some fun new products to wear/use. :)

This is how it will work, basically its going to be a equal/fair value trade.
So, item(s) worth must match worth of ad space.
For example, say someone wants to trade with me an item from their shop, thats listed at $10, 
they could trade for my small ad which is $10.
Or if they want to send me 4 $10 items, or something of more value,  
they could trade for a $40 ad (my featured ad) and so on...

This option is open to ALL of my ad spaces, prices range from $115-$10.
And depending on value, you can even choose to do several months with a smaller ad,
or choose 1 month of a bigger ad, its up to you.

I will of course have to approve of the items I receive.  
So if you are interested, and have a shop with items you think would suit my style/needs,
 please email me!
Be sure to put "SPONSOR TRADE" in the subject line and include links to your blog & shop.
As well as what ad space you would prefer. Email me at agapelovedesigns[at]yahoo[dot]com

For those of you interested in my stats here are the deets:

My stats are increasing daily!

In October this is what my stats looked like:
1,250+ GFC Followers (currently Im at 1297)
1,250+ RSS Followers (currently Im at 1285)
2,500+ Facebook Fans (Currently 2,800)
850+ Twitter Followers (currently 961)
1,430+ Pinterest Followers (Currently 1582)
120+ Bloglovin & Hellocotton & Networked Blogs (Currently 126)
150+ Instagram Followers (Just signed up 2 months ago) (Currently at 210)
33,000+ Page views a Month (Currently over 38,000)

 And for a look at the my sponsor options/prices, check out my ad shop below.

Much Love & Hugs,
Visit my In Post Sponsor:
Sponsor an "In Post" Ad!  Click {here}for more info.


  1. Is the trade only for fashion items?? I make DIY projects and could send some christmas ornaments or doo dads...check out my shop and let me know!


    1. Messy,
      Nope not just for fashion items! :-) your shop is adorable! Email me if you're up for a trade.

  2. Ohhh I would LOVE to try this! ;)



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