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6 Secrets to Decorating a Bedroom That He'll Love as Much as You Do

Hey friends, today I have a handy little article to share with you!
As you may remember, over the Summer, The Hubs and I gave our room a makeover.
It took a while for us to FINALLY get to it, not just because of time and money...
But a BIG thing was deciding just HOW we wanted to decorate it.

Its never easy, having two DIFFERENT people completely agree on the decor for such a personal living area. We each had to compromise a little, agree on somethings and completely forget about others. But overall we both ended up satisfied with the end result, and we pretty much went through these similar tips to help. If you are currently deciding how to decorate your bedroom, or planning a remodel, but having a few issues with how to decorate a room you will both love...  Definitely check out this post for some helpful tips!

One of the most common sources of argument when it comes to home decorating is the master bedroom. You want chic, feminine touches and he wants a masculine, bachelor-pad style room. What do you compromise on? Who gets their dream bedroom? In most cases, the woman wins but you don't have to sacrifice style or comfort. Here are six tips for decorating your bedroom he will love as much as you:




*Bedding Basics 101

Creating a gender-neutral bedroom starts with the bedding. Try selecting a bed frame that has both masculine and feminine touches: Pair a deep, rich colored frame with a cutout headboard. Substitute floral, feminine and "pretty" bedding with neutral-colored patterns and bold colors. For your bed pillows use solid colors that match the duvet cover or comforter you use. You can add some accent pillows as well, using the same patterns you used for the rest of your bedding.

Agree on One Item

Before you start redecorating, you should both decide what you can't live without. Chose one item you can both agree on that is a must-have for your new bedroom. This will be a great starting point to incorporate new touches to the room.

Neutral Paint Colors

I know, it's so appealing to paint your walls decadent turquoise, calming light pink or soothing lilac. But in most cases, it's not a room your husband will want to relax and sleep in. It's very important to select a gender-neutral color that can still be more appealing that egg shell white or a boring sandy color. Light blues, beige, grey and yellows are great colors to use. Some great colors to mix and match with are greys and yellows. They stay feminine while also keeping a masculine tone.

Let Him Choose the Rug

By allowing him to chose something in the room, it will make him appreciate it that much more and he will view the room as more neutral, instead of super feminine. Of course you should help out, to make sure the rug or carpet matches the rest of the bedroom, but make him feel like it's all in his hands.

'It's Your Turn to Get the Light!'

Ah, the dreaded light dilemma. You and your hubby climb into bed and forget to turn off the light. "It's your turn!" Arguing about who should get up and turn out the light will start a war, and there's nothing more annoying than having to get out of bed to turn off the light. When redecorating your room, instead of using the duo fan and light, opt for bedside table lamps, that way they can be turned off individually and you don't have to get out of bed to turn it on and off.

Gender-Neutral Accents

The most gender-neutral bedroom d├ęcor? Tans and creams paired with chocolate furniture and large mirrors. Bring in fresh accents by using live plants; by using a small tree or large plant, it will bring a warmth and positive feel in the room.


Victoria James: Daughter of a designer and home ec teacher, Victoria learned everything she would ever need to know about being a successful designer from her mother. Victoria loves passing her mother's secrets on to readers.


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  1. The hubby and I are celebrating our one year anniversary and I have still failed to find a way to fix up our bedroom so that it looks like I live there too, lol. Thanks for the tips :-). God bless.

    Ashley Flores


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