Friday, December 28, 2012


  1.  Coloring Saturated Canary Digi's!
  2. I got all these brushes FREE from a special promo ELF was doing!!
  3. Happy Mail LOOOOVE it.
  4. Goodies from Annabell And Louise Designs!
  1.  Breakfast
  2. #whatmariaeats
  3. Some days call for just lounge wear!
  4. Prizes finished up and ready to be sent out!
  1.  My collection of Annabell & Louise Designs earrings... and I still want more! ha
  2. Wrapping pressies and watching Friends. #thisshownevergetsold #alwaysfunny
  3. Kidlets checkin' out the presents!
  4. Me & my little Z-Man
  1.  Coffee in my Victorian mug my sissy bought me. She knows me so well!
  2. For when I re-open my shop. #NeedToGetOnThatasap
  3. FINALLY organized my messy shadows.
  4. Fun labels for the wine & cider. #mmmmmPinkMoscoto
  1.  Kiah & Bruce made these for me in Church. How cute are they!
  2. Z & Me (again)
  3. The Silly Hubs and I
  4. My nephew braiding my hair. #hewastrying #itwascute
MAKEUP of the day.
BTW who is excited for #makeupmonday!?
I know I am... The first linky will go up this Monday!!

  1.  My Momma made me this hat!
  2. Playing words with friends with The Hubs. Wanna play me? Search agapelovegirl!
  3. Hubs playing angry birds star wars... yeah he is popular when he does that! LOL
  4. Me and my sweet buddy boo Brucey.
Lazy #fashion day. @oldnavy rock star skinnies (yes I wear a lot - they're my favs!) 
My #superman sweater & #49ers hat. Plus #nomakeup #ootd #instafasion
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Much Love & Hugs,
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  1. you look super skinny, the xmas photos, too!! hope you guys had a great day and will have a wonderful new years!


  2. LOVE the brushes and I'm ordering a pair of those earrings (in red) right this second. :)


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