Friday, December 7, 2012

Rocker Glam & EyeStudio Review

 Sequin Tank Top & Rockstar Skinnies: Old Navy, Lace Cami: Walmart, Blazer: Maurices, 
Flats: Payless, Earrings: Premier Designs, Necklace: DIY Here, Bracelet: Coming soon here
Lipstick: Carmex Lip balm & Radiant Eye Shadow "Confection"

A moth to a flame..... That's me when it comes to the makeup aisle when I have some extra time in a store. 
I cant help it I MUST go check it out. See whats new. See if there is anything new I'd like to try.
While browsing one evening last month I happened upon these new sets EYESTUDIO by Maybelline.

OOOhhhh, I wanted to try them!
Maybelline is one of my favorite brands.... 
I didnt think I had favorites, but if you looked over my makeup bags, you would assume Maybelline was it.
So we will go with that. ;)
Anywho, so I had to try it out.
I instinctively reached for two palettes that are so predictably 'me'....
But for SOME reason, something told me not to get them and to try something different.
So I went for Smokey Night 55.

I was not sure WHY I couldn't get myself to buy those other palettes, 
until I got this sweet package in the mail, a few days later, from my amazing bloggy soul sistah.
Yeah... THOSE where the two palettes I WANTED to get. ♥
Told ya we were soul sisters. ;)

Anyways, I'm kind of iffy on the Smokey Night 55 Palette.
The colors are A LOT darker than what I normally wear.
Which I guess is probably the reason for the name. ;)
I need to try a few more different looks with it, to see if I really like it.
Cause right now, I think the colors are too dark for my normal wear.
And since I don't go out that often, I don't see me rockin' it that often at night. 

The plus side is that I LOVE the blue in this palette.
Ive mentioned before that with my color eyes, blue just doesn't look great on me.
This one, however seems to work nicely... At least as a liner on my lower lashes.
Which is how I am wearing it in the above photos.

Because my eye makeup is so dark, and I felt a little rocker-edgy-ish,
I decided to play it up and dress with a rocker glam feel.
Wearing all dark clothes with one pop of coral-red.
A little bit of glam with my sequin sparkly tank and glitter flats.
Hair in a poufy pony, and some modern edgy accessories to finish the look.

I think I like it.
Its a little different for me.
But sometimes its good to step out of your ordinary "style box".
Don't you think?

Much Love & Hugs,
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  1. What a great palette and I love your necklace!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  2. That is a nice palette but I think they should have broke up the darkness witha highlight shade. Totally jealous of your photo background...geeze is that your drive way?

    1. TOTALLY agree... it didnt have a high lighter shade@ I had to use my own... definitely think that would have made it better. :)

      And yeah haha thats our little drive way/round-about. Its actually pretty worn and needs lots of work, BUT does make for a nice background. haha

  3. you can definitely pull it off! Love the way you do your makeup - such pretty, expressive eyes :)

    Loverly She


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