Friday, December 21, 2012

Skirt Purse Review

Hello lovelies!
Today I am excited to share about a totally awesome purse I received courtesy of Beka's Bags!
Beka is a 31 Gifts consultant, you can read more about her (as well as enter a giveaway from her) here.

This purse is called the "skirt purse" and its awesome because you can have several different looks,
with just ONE purse!
The Skirt Purse itself is only $45, a very reasonable price for a quality purse.
You can choose from black or brown.
Along with the purse you get one fitted 'skirt' to change the look of your purse.

If you would like an extra 'skirt' they are only $15.
I have the black purse and 2 of the purse skirts (one in I Can-Ikat, and one in Black Parisian Pop)! 

I'd say the ONLY downside I found, was that when ordering (looking at the online catalog) you cannot
see the "available prints" very well. Those small squares showing them, do not enlarge... So it sort of makes it tough  to decide.
So what I did was just looked at the names of the available prints, and then looked around at the other items available in their catalog, and found the print on another bag or item shown up close. That gave me a look and idea of what the print was and I decided based on that.

The prints and options are lovely though, and I am hoping to buy myself some more skirts for my purse!
Another awesome thing is that you can even customize your purse skirts, with a name or initials. ♥

Shipping was super fast!
Here are some close up details of the purse.
My two purse skirts. I love these prints!
So this is how it works....
These are latches hiden under the lining, where you can attach your fitted purse skirt.
They hook on to give your bag a whole new look.
But because they are hidden you can also use your bag as is, without a skirt too.
This is the I Can-Ikat skirt.
This is the Black Parisian Pop skirt.
The purse is medium size, but is still very roomy inside.
Perfect for me, really!
Here is a peek into mine....
Ive got several little pouches, my MaryKay makeup holder, my phone, 
wallet, sunglasses and such all in there!
Seriously, this purse is so awesome!
Its the perfect size.
I just LOVE that you can change the look, to match your outfit or mood!
Its SO convenient, rather than switch over ALL of my purse contents to a NEW purse when I want a "new" look, all I have to do is change the purse's skirt! So I have a whole new purse, a whole new look with out all the hassle! PLUS, storing the purse skirts is a lot easier, and takes up a lot less room that storing several purses! Not to mention, buying a new skirt for my purse will be a lot cheaper too, than buying a whole new purse. ♥

I think the only way this idea could improve, would maybe to offer skirts that are reversible. 
So a two in one purse skirt... Even more looks/value.
Not sure if maybe that would be more of a hassle with how it hooks up, though
(might be why that's not an option, haha), but could be a good idea.

Anyways, over all I just adore this purse.
Cute, convenient, great price!

If you are interesting in ordering one for yourself you can contact and visit Beka's facebook Group page,
or her website here! And just a heads up, I will be hosting an online catalog part in January! So you can also order them through both of us!

Much Love & Hugs,
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  1. Love the purse- super cute and I adore the idea of not having to clean out my entire purse to switch the look

  2. These are super cute. I love the damask one!

  3. I love your heart! I nominated you for an award sista friend.

    Merry Christmas
    Andee xx

  4. This is such a cool idea for a purse!! Must look into it!



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