Monday, December 10, 2012

Starting New Traditions

 Sweater c/o: Old Navy via Crowdtap, Red Skinnies: Walmart, Boots: Target
Necklace: Premier Designs, Earrings: Annabelle & Louise Designs
 We are an attractive bunch aren't we? ;)

My little family doesnt have any real tradtions we MUST do each year for the holidays.
Things have always just been sort of "flow as you go".
For a long time we lived in Washington, about 9 hours away from both mine and The Hubs' family.
So we would just travel all the time, and spend a little time here, a little time there...
Trying to see as much family as we could for the holidays while we were in town.

Since moving back to Cali, things have been a little less hectic.
However, we still try to split time with family evenly.
In doing this we never really made time to set a fun tradition that is all our own.
We always had some sort of intention to do SOMETHING...
Go to the snow, cut our own tree, or something...
And as it always seems to go, time goes by so fast and things get busy...
We could never go, and just ended up buying a tree in town.

Well this year Hubs was determined, we would go a not only pick out but cut our own tree.
So spur of the moment we headed up to the mountain.
The kids had a blast checking out all the trees, decided which would be best for our home!
The Hubs and I had fun too.
We dont do this kind of stuff often enough.

You know, the kind of stuff where you just get up and go.
Stay out of the house all day.
Really spend time with each other, talking, hanging out... No tv, internet, phone service to interrupt!
It was great.

After we picked, cut and put our tree in the Truck, we headed off.
And The Hubs decided we should take the loooong way home!
A.K.A. The crazy bumpy, muddy, winding, dirt road!
It was a blast whompin' through the mud, seeing the water splash up.
Rockin' back and forth like we were in our own roller-coaster!
All while listening to some country music and Christmas carols here and there. ♥

By the time we got into town is was dark and dinner time.
So we decided to just go out for dinner.
(sweet no cooking for me!)
I looked at The Hubs, told him I loved him and had so much fun with him.
I turned to the kids and asked if they had fun.
They all shouted YEAH!!!
And we decided THIS would be OUR own NEW family Tradition.

SO I am excited to say we finally have a family tradition to look forward to.
If you're interested in seeing more photos from this day, view them here.
Do you have any special family traditions, that you look forward to this time of year?

Much Love & Hugs,
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  1. What a great tradition! One of the things I have never regretted was deciding that Christmas was "our" holiday to spend at home with our family. Of course, now we're far enough away that we have to be by ourselves unless we travel or someone comes to us, but it was amazing the lack of stress I felt when we weren't trying to juggle splitting our time between both families. Some of our traditions: read a Christmas story every night, drive around looking at the lights, make Christmas goodie plates for friends and neighbors, visit the local gingerbread displays.

    1. I love that... A Christmas story every night! Good one! I also love looking at all the lite up houses. Always a fun favorite here too!

  2. That does sound like a blast! Tim told me this year we should have gone to cut down a tree since we finally live up "north" now. Lol maybe next year!
    Love your outfit by the way :-)

    1. Thanks so much. And YES I recommend cutting your own! Its super fun!

  3. Such a cool tradition, I have always wanted to do this!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  4. I have that sweater in the other colors.Your outfit is darling!

  5. Cute jumper! Lovely pics :)


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