Monday, December 17, 2012

Want, Need, Wear, Read

Hey there Amigas (and the very few amigos that may be reading)!
Have you heard that neat idea of "want/need/wear/read" instead of a crazy Christmas wish list?
Ever since Ive heard of it, I really loved the idea.
Its simple, straight to the point, and cute...Who doesn't love rhymes!? ;)
I had my own kids make a list using this idea.
And I thought for fun I would share what would be on MY list.
Ive also asked some lovely bloggy gal pals of mine to share theirs too!
After you have read ours, why dont you share what's on your Want, Need, Wear, Read list!?
WANT: Ive really been wanting this Nude'tude eyeshadow palette from The Balm!
NEED: I don't necessarily "need" anything, but a Smart phone would be very helpful! Preferably this one!
WEAR: These totally adorable boots.
READ: I just finished Mocking Jay and am now starting on Reached... So how about some Craft Magazines!

Want: a new pair of boots!
Need: a watch- mine just broke :(
Wear: a new winter coat!!
Read: 180 degrees to freedom by Renay West
WANT:  sewing classes so I can lean how to use my sewing machine! 
NEED: a vacation- even if it is a short trip to Cali. Or a treadmill. 
WEAR:  a pair of brown riding boots. 
READ:  Candace Cameron-Bure's book 'Reshaping it All'.
WANT:  a new TV (we still have an old JVC box TV! ha!!)
NEED:  This is hard... I don't feel like I "need" anything... oh! Wait, I do need a sleeve or case for my Kobo e-reader
WEAR:  a cozy new bathrobe & slippers
READ: i really want to get a copy of The Kid Friendly ADHD and Autism Cookbook.

WANT: gift cards
NEED: student loan payments.
WEAR: white lo-rise all star converse!
READ: beauty by lauren conrad

WANT: A tattoo (well..a GC to get one hehe)
NEED: A vacation (maybe one of these places)
WEAR: This comfy sweater. I'm all about sweaters in the fall/winter!
READ: Unmarketing by Scott Stratten

WANT: Sewing Machine (something that threads automatically)
NEED: Money haha
WEAR: High Boots
READ: Anything by Cassandra Clare

Now that you have read what we WANT/NEED/ and will WEAR/READ,
why dont you share with us what's on YOUR list!   

Much Love & Hugs,
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  1. What a cute way to introduce sponsors! I love the simplistic nature of the wish list :)

  2. Maria-Isabel... feel free to forward this to my hubby! HAHA :)

  3. Want - New computerized sewing machine w/ laptop or reader
    Need - Just Health & Happiness 4 me, family & blog friends
    Wear - Tall Black Uggs
    Read - I would LOVE to read comments on my blog!! LOL

    1. All great things! (I think I can totally agree to yours for 'read' I want to read more of those too!!) ;)


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