Thursday, January 31, 2013

Pretty Things #21

Pretty things Im lovin' this week.
#love #prettythings #sequins #eco #handmade #valentines #DIY #jewelry #hearts

Hammered Heart Ring/ /Heart Brooch/ /DIY Felt Bookmark

Eco Wristlet/ /Bubble Style Statement Necklace/ /Thirty-One Tote

3-D Hearts Card/ /Retro Heart Sunglasses/ /Crocheted Heart Headband

What pretty things are you loving this week?
What blog posts are really inspiring and speaking to you this week?

Much Love & Hugs,
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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

49ers Fan Fashion #questforsix

Hello, my pretties!! (Yeah... I said that in my head like the wicked witch of the west)
Well I guess its safe to say we can label this 49ers week here on Agape Love!!
And why not!? They are Superbowl bound and they cant lose! COME ON! #QuestForSix baby!!

Ok... Im done.... I think...
Soooo, anywho, today I am sharing my 49ers Fan fashion. ;)
Yeah, just cause I wanted get spirited up... Doesn't mean I cant look cute while doing it. ♥
So of course, Hubs and I are throwing a Superbowl party!
Last time the 49ers were at the Superbowl was 1994... We gotta celebrate BIG, people!!
They have been to the Superbowl 5 times and have WON all 5 times, its Quest For Six, time, lovers!!
Not sure if I mentioned this before, but sometime back, Hubs got a HUGE projector screen for the 
49ers game room/man cave of his. So Duh, we'll be watching from there!
And I have every intention of making fun cool treats and things to make this party themed and amazing.
Of course if you know me, you know how much I "LOVE" (insert sarcasm font) cooking/baking....
So we will just see how far those intentions go....
But I have been pumpin' myself full of inspiration via pinterest. 
Check out my 'Party In The House' board, if you need some inspiration too.
Ive pinned quite a bit of Superbowl party and 49ers decor inspiration there.
{Again} We shall see how far this takes me. *crossing fingers*
If all else fails, at least I'll be making sure *I* look as cute and as spirited as possible!
Yes - Cuteness matters people! ;)
 Who are you rooting for?
Are you throwing a party?
Feel free to leave links to any helpful ideas!
Or your own Fan Fashion posts, I wanna see!! 

Shirt: Walmart (Cheapest place to get a sports shirt these days!)
Skinnies: Old Navy
Gold Glitter Heels: Payless
Necklace: Premier Designs
Headband: Much Love Illy
Red & White Bangles: Creations By J. Golden
Gold Bangle: Posh Daisy via Love Club
Get the 49ers Inspired Makeup & Mani look {here}.

Much Love & Hugs,
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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

10 Things That Make Me Happy

In no particular order, today Im sharing 10 things that make me happy!

1. Happy Mail
Because who doesn't love receiving fun snail mail packages in the mail!? Exciting and so much fun! Love love love!! This is happy mail from Brandi, 31 gifts, Andrea and Target. 

2. Custom Anything
I'm a huge fan of custom things, that make items personal and special! LOVE!
Like my Agape Love Bracelets from J. Golden,
my Custom Photo Pendant Necklace from When Shutters Click,
and my Hand Stamped Family Necklace from Amanda Lynn Designs.

3. Sweet Comments
Sweet comments definitely give me the warm fuzzies! These are just a few, there are many other amazing ladies who leave me beautifully sweet comments... But here are a few that I rounded up, that have really made me happy. :)

4. That feeling after a work out.
Because as much as it sucks during... I truly do feel amazing afterwards!
5. Great Sales
If sales make you happy too, then you will be happy to know Ive got some great sales to share with you!
Now until the 31st, you can get an additional 40% off Sale items at Kintage using code "SALE40".
Now until the 31st you can get 20% off anything over at Kai Rai Kids using code "AGAPE20".
Now until Feb 10th you can get 10% off anything over at Love Sparkle Pretty using code "LOVE10".

6. Fun Colorful Lip Balm
Im currently obsessed with baby lips! So cute and fun, I love the colors and scents!
Also... Lip Balm with unique and funny names (ahem unicorn farts) DEFINITELY make me happy!

7. Alone time with The Hubs
Duh. ♥ 
Alone time/dates with the hubs is kinda rare... But I love when we do get the opportunity. These photos are from a fun little day date we had.

8. Watching my kids sleep
Dont get me wrong when I say this.. I love my kids tons! But when they are awake... Oh boy can they be overwhelming. And LOUD. And though I do enjoy that part... There is something so sweet, innocent and just plain lovely about their sweet sleeping faces. The silence, and the soft sound of their breathing... Its definitely happy here.

9. Adorable animal prints!
Like this totally ADORABLE  hedgehog purse (from Curious Miss Clay) that is holding my awesome bloggy business cards from Moo. ♥ (Which also make me happy!)
10. Singing Praises
Music makes me happy. Its one way I love to express myself. Singing for the Lord, makes me even happier. You can catch some videos of me singing {here}.

What makes you happy!?
Share with me in the comments, or write up your own post and leave me the link! ♥
I'll be linking this up with Mindy's Top 10 Tuesday!

Much Love & Hugs,
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Monday, January 28, 2013

49ers Inspired Look - Makeup Monday

Hello, and welcome back to another Makeup Monday.
This week in honor of my team making it to the Superbowl, I bring you a 49ers inspired look.
AND a fun little red and gold Mani as well! 
So those of you Niner fans, who wanna get spirited up (like me), here is a nice red and gold look to try.
Eye Shadows used:
Red: NYX (LP24) Penny Pearl
Gold: NYX (LP 17) Yellow Gold Pearl
Black: NYX (LP05) Charcoal Pearl
White: NYX (LP03) White Pearl

I did this mani before LAST Sunday, for the game... You know for 'luck'. HA
And so of course I'm super excited to share, since our boys are going to the Superbowl!!
Last week I also ordered some 49ers decals from a nail art shop on etsy,
and will be sportin' a new Mani with them for the Superbowl.
For this Mani I didnt use any special brand of polish, but was sort of wishing I had the
official NFL 49ers Nail Polish set to use! Ahh well, mine worked just fine. :)
To make the SF logo on my thumb, as well as the lace on the 'football',
I used Kiss Nail Artist paint, and just as carefully as I could wrote the SF on my thumb.
Its obviously not perfect, but it was close enough. ;)
So who are you rooting for in the Superbowl!?
Are you a Niners Girl or a Ravens Girl!?

Either way, I would love to see some of YOUR sports inspired looks or Mani's!
So link them up or any beauty posts with us, then spread the word!

I will be linking up this post with Heather & Heather for Mani Monday!
As well as another Makeup Monday with Grace For Gayle and Dreams Ignite.

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This includes but is not limited to beauty reviews, how-to's, hauls, giveaways, mani's, and look inspirations.

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you are still welcome to link up as well, please just link to a specific photo, though, not your whole account! :)

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Makeup Monday

Much Love & Hugs,
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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Love Sparkle Pretty {Giveaway}

Good morning sweet friends. Happy Sunday to you!
Today I have the pleasure to introduce to you Kayla of Love Sparkle Pretty.
Ive been a fan of Love Sparkle Pretty for a while, I even own some of her jewelry.
So I am excited to host this great giveaway for LSP today! 
Before we go on though, I want to be sure to let you know for next 2 weeks you can get 10% off 
everything at Love Sparkle Pretty with code "LOVE10".
"Love Sparkle Pretty is an ode to my passion of creating PRETTY things, wedding/event planning, floral design, DIY projects and styling photo shoots! I left nursing school to pursue this adoration of mine and be a stay at home wife and mommy! I LOVE what I do and I thank God every day for what he’s blessed me with. Follow along on this crazy, beautiful adventure with me!" -Kayla of Love Sparkle Pretty
Connect: BlogFacebookShop

Today you can win A teal ruffled bow scarf made with super soft knit fabric 
and a lovely gold-plated chain headpiece.
 For your chance to win simply enter using the rafflecopter widget below!
a Rafflecopter giveaway
Much Love & Hugs,
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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Get A Load Of This Sale On Sale Action!

Like, whoa, people!
I just had to share this awesome Sale on Sale from Kintage!
If you are like me, then you love a good deal...
And what better deal is there, than major discounts to already discounted items!?
None, I tell you... Unless its free, I guess, but then thats just a STEAL. ;)

Some things that just might be finding a new home in my closet...
Annabelle Spring Floral Dress//Flower Power Earrings// Bow-Racelets

Now is the perfect time to shop for spring!!
Happy Sale-ing my friends!

Much Love & Hugs,
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Friday, January 25, 2013

A Whole Lot Of Praise

Ive mentioned a few times about the family CD that my family and my sister Mona's family does every year. And if you have not heard about it, you can read more about it here. I already shared one of the songs from our newest CD, my favorite that my sister Mona and her son did "I Wonder".

This is one of the photos we did for the CD cover. 
This is both mine and Mona's family all mixed up together. :)

Today I wanted to share a few more songs that are really hold special meaning in my heart. I think if you know me, you know what [praise] music means to me. How much I relate to songs, and how they speak things that I usually have trouble finding words for....
Which is why I wanted to do a song called "Need You Now (How Many Times)" by Plum. At the time, when I first heard this song, it was exactly me. Was exactly what I was feeling and going through. Explained perfectly my thoughts... And for a while I couldn't even get through the song without crying! I wrote a blog post about the song and what it meant to me here.

Anyways, when Mona heard the song she felt it too, maybe she wasn't as emotional as I (because I was going through something) but we both were like "whoa we need to do this song." We are so alike. We are not twins but I swear we have minds like twins, we are so in sync with one another... And you will see in the video how we practically mirror each others movements! HAHA
So anyways... Here is the video of Mona and I singing Need You Now/How Many Times. There is a part at the end where we miss a line and I laugh at our mess up. ;) (if you cant see the video, you can view it on youtube here)

The next song I want to share is one I sang with my Kiah-Girl. My beautiful daughter, love her so much! This is a song that SHE actually picked out. That I had not heard before she told me about it. But my oh my was it a perfect song - We Are The Light of the World by Kari Jobe. This song is based off of one of my FAVORITE verses, which I wrote about in this blog post "Therefore Shine". My sweet baby girl, she didnt know it was my favorite, or even that the song had a verse tied to it. But when I heard it, I realized and had to show her, and tell her how perfect this song was for me! And how glad I was do be singing it with her. ♥
So here is the video of me and Kiah singing We Are. (Link on Youtube here)

I love this photo! I took it during our little "shoot" for the cover photos. The Hubs, Kiah and Bruce went to grab their guitars and as they were coming down, they just looked so perfect! I had to get a shot of them!

Ok, so this last song I'm going to share is by all of my boys! The Hubs (on guitar) with Brucey and Zander singing. Little Bruce has a voice like WHOA! When I first started hearing him sing, I was beyond impressed by his beautiful voice and even the control he has even at a young age! Tell me this isnt the cutest thing you ever did hear!? :)
The song is God Bless America. Zander starts it off and then Brucey comes in (and also ends it alone). We didnt record video of them singing, but my sister put their voice recording to a picture for the video. I wish now that I would have video recorded them too! 

Oh, And just in case you are curious, Brucey is 6, Zander is 3 and Kiah is 9! (Link to video on youtube)

This last photo is the 2nd one we took for the cover of our CD.
Who is who: Clayton & Mona, Tyler, Josh, Zander, Kiah, Bella, Jasmine, Brucey, Me & The Hubs.
(my family in bold)

Much Love & Hugs,
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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Pretty Things #20

 Pretty things Im lovin' this week.
#love #prettythings #sequins #49ers #handmade #valentines #DIY #jewelry #hearts

Sequin Earrings/ /Cupcake Toppers/ /Wear Change

Ruffled Toddler Jeans/ /Note Card Set/ /Color Bracelet

49ers Nesting Dolls/ /DIY Chalk Board Necklace/ /DIY Heat Print Jeans

Personalized "Days I Love You" card/  /Paris Reflection Print/  /Scripture Print

What pretty things are you loving this week?
What blog posts are really inspiring and speaking to you this week?

Much Love & Hugs,
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