Wednesday, January 16, 2013

10 Professions I Wish I Had

 Yesterday, Lena, had a fabulous promt for Tuesday 10. "10 Professions You Wish You Had."
I love this prompt, as I am the type of person who cant seem to sit still with one thing... I like to "do it all".

Or at least 'TRY' it all! 

So of course there are many professions I would have LOVED to of had.  
In no particular order, here are my top 10 professions I wish I had.

1. Lawyer
I KNOW I have mentioned this one once or twice before on the blog. So some of you may already know this. But yes, ever since I was a little kid I wanted to a be lawyer... Heck before I even know what it was I wanted to be one. Why? Well one of my uncles told me lawyers made a lot of money. HA. And I thought  that was reason enough. Hey - I was like 7! The idea of lots of money to a poor kid was very alluring! 
Anywho, as I got older though and realized what it was, the desire stuck. I found that I could probably be pretty dang good at being a lawyer. I'm very good at seeing both sides of just about any situation. I can argue my point till the cows come home, and I'm pretty darn convincing. The scary thing is I can still do that - even after Ive realized I am wrong. :-/ Yikes. Among my favorite shows were Ally McBeal. And I still love the show Drop Dead Diva. Give me a show about an empowered female lawyer and I am all over that!
Why didn't I pursue that profession? Honestly, the idea of all the schooling you would have to go through, frightened me! Yeah, what a bum I am right!? ;)

2. History Teacher
I'm pretty sure I have mentioned this one too. Thing is, I am a nerd. As in, I love to read History books and watch the History channel and the Biography channel, kind of nerd...  And Not for the fun shows... But for the learning shows! The ones that talk about battles, and Presidents, and people! The stuff that actually teaches you about History. Its interesting and fascinating to me. I always thought it would be great to be a History teacher, to make it FUN. To get students to love History like I do. Only problem? I actually failed History - TWICE. Yeah.. I am awful about remember dates and names. And having  teachers who made it so "boring" didn't help either - which my main inspiration for wanting to be one myself.

3. Boutique Owner
This one is still a possibility for me. At least in my dreams. More than having an online shop its still a dream of mine to have my real life, Agape Love Boutique. I walk around some of the cute boutiques and shops in my town and when I see one for rent or sale my mind swirls with ideas of how I could make that space my own! I would LOVE to have my own shop to sell all my creations in. It seems like such a big dream right now. But maybe... Someday, it will come true.

4. Painter/Artist
I have always been artistic. I still love to draw and paint. I don't make time for it, like I always wish I did. But being an artist has always been a far off dream profession of mine as well. I am not as talented as many that I adore, like Krista, and Tricia, but I cant help but think if I had kept at it - I could have been just as good too. But that's the problem with a nomadic minded person like me... I can seem to stay put with one thing. I can be good or decent at many things, but perfecting and becoming great at just ONE thing seems almost impossible for me!

5. Singer
Of course anyone who knows me, knows this is another "dream" profession of mine. When I was little I dreamed of being a famous singer. I looked up to singers like Whitney Houston, and Mariah Carey. I would talk about going on Star Search and being "discovered"! HAHA Thinking back, it makes me laugh. Of course I still love singing... And being a professional singer would be awesome! But I am blessed to have the privilege to sing on the worship team in my church. So I am pretty content with leaving it at that.

6. Radio Talk Host
Not sure why, but I just think this would be a super fun profession! Don't you think?
I'd get to listen to music all day, talk, meet singers/bands. How cool would that be! ♥

7. Cartoon Character Voice
Ok, so for a very long time I thought it would be so fun to be a voice for a cartoon character! I don't know why exactly, but it just sounds fun. If I could, I would especially LOVE to be the voice of a Disney Princess and get to sing as well! Ahhh.... That would be just amazing! Right!?
8. Fashion Designer
I'm sure im not the only little girl who used to draw ideas for clothes and dresses that I would love to wear as a child... Right? And to be honest, sometimes I STILL sort of do this! I always get ideas for a shirt or dress or outfit that would be oh so cute! Just the other day I was "designing" a dress that I wished I could make and wear in real life. Haha I kinda feel like a dork admitting that. But ahh well. Its the truth!

9. Pro Photographer
Yeah I know this one is kind of something I am already considered... Since I have done many paid photo sessions and  such. But everything I know is self taught. And I would love to go to school for photography. I'd love to better understand it. I'd love to continue to make time for it. But its something that I have really put to the side... I don't have time for pro photography right now. But I still think of awesome photo shoot ideas and love photography in general. I think that if I could devote more time to it, it would be amazing. And I could be so much better at it. But, as I said before... My nomadic mind keeps pushing me forward to the "next thing".

10. Children Book Writer
When I was in high school, one assignment we has in English was to write a folktale. I loved this assignment. We had to also do illustrations for our story too. I put a lot of time and thought into mine. Making a REAL story. My teacher picked mine as her favorite and had me read it to the class. Sounds silly but I was really proud of that. I enjoy writing, always have. I wouldn't consider myself an amazing writer. I dont think I could write a book long or compelling enough to keep an adults attention... But since then, I always thought writing children books would be something fun to do. Now that I am a momma to 3 little chitlens, and my youngest - Zander LOVES to read. I still feel that. It would be fun to write a book... For him. Maybe I still will, one day. :) Now Zander, on the other hand probably could be a writer someday. His imagination is amazing. He tells me stories all the time. And they are priceless.

Well, those are the 10 professions I wish I had.
I'd LOVE to hear yours, leave them in the comments.
 Or if you did a post like this of your own - leave the link so I can check it out! :)

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Necklace: I cant for the life of me remember! I purchased from someone via facebook!
Bow Ring: Premier Designs

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Much Love & Hugs,
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  1. What a great list! I think you would be fabulous at any one of those careers. Mine is no where near as interesting:

  2. I have a friend who dreams of hosting a radio show and she's been working on getting it done.

  3. omg i totally want to be a disney character voice too! i think that would be the coolest job ever!! and love that arm candy;) xoxo

  4. I went back to school while in the middle of one career and with two young children. Passed the bar when I was 40 and have been a criminal defense attorney for 13 years now. Never say never!

  5. All great professions!

  6. This is a great list. I wanted to be a lawyer at one time too, I wanted to be a public defender. But I tend to get too emotional while arguing so I probably wouldn't be any good. I love that sweater.

  7. You are so right- we are a lot alike! I loved your list! I was having a conversation today about how I almost became a history teacher. I was also in school to become a photographer & i totally want to own my own business one day... And I want to write a book... Anywho.. Maybe one day it will all com true!

  8. love the sparkles and all the sweet details - so interesting to hear about the jobs you'd like. Thanks for being a wardrobe Weds player this week.


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