Tuesday, January 22, 2013

10 Things I Still Hand Write

In this day and age when so much of our lives have been enhanced by technology,
doing things by hand can be pretty rare. (Must be why I enjoy the handmade community so much!)♥
Especially when it comes to handwriting things...
We've got email, e-vites, e-cards, online banking, twitter, texting, tablets with stylus pens... Etc.
So how many of us still write things by hand?

I honestly love the convenience we have in technology! (As we all do)
I definitely use all those things I listed above, but I also enjoy handwriting still.
(Even though my handwriting is awful!)
And in fact appreciate it a lot more, now that it truly is so rare!
So I decided to join Lena for her very LAST Tuesday 10 link up,
and share my answers to the prompt of "10 things you still hand write".

1. Blog Posts
Now of course I do not write ALL of my blog posts by hand first. But I do keep a notepad in my purse and around me most all the time for when an idea or inspiration hits. Most of my blog posts are written right here in blogger first, but the best ones (in my opinion), the ones with the most thought, the ones like Barb's Story, My thoughts on the Presidential Election, Use Me, My Weight Loss Story, and the like are ones that started out on good old fashion pen and paper first!

2. - 3. Cards/Letters
This one is a little rare. As I said, above, my hand writing is awful. But once in a while a snail mail letter or card is just so much fun! I so much enjoy receiving handmade cards and handwritten letters! Ive received some from Krista, and Andrea and I cherish them all! The photo below is a card I made to send Andrea...
You don't wanna know how long it took me to write that! ♥ But I know it was appreciated, and I love that.

4. Checks
Can you believe it!? Who still writes checks!? It makes me laugh...
For the most part I use (AND LOVE) paying everything through online banking!!
But I still do write a few checks here and there...
Like for my kids' school lunches, for church tithing or events, and the random bill that DOESNT have an online source.

5. Addressing Mail/Packages
You would think I was one of those people who have fancy stamps or stickers with our mailing address on them. But Im not. I still hand write (very sloppily) addresses out on letters and packages. Even when I had my shop open, I didn't print out anything like most businesses do, to put on the packages I had to send out.... Though with my handwriting, I probably should have! HA

6. Planner
Yup as much as I use my phones calendar, and notepad... I STILL keep a planner (for the blog) and hand write all the info in there. ♥

7. Grocery List
I tried doing the grocery list on the computer and printing it out with a nice little check box next to every item and such... But that got old to me, very fast. It seemed like it took more time and work to have to update the list, remove things and add things, then print and all that, than it would be for me to just quickly write out everything I needed at the time. So, yeah, I still sport a handwritten grocery list when I'm shopping. Plus, how fun is it to just cross things off a list!?

8. Sermon Notes
Uh-Huh, I am a note taker in Church! I find writing it down helps me remember a lot more than just listening. Plus, I love when I am reminded of a great verse, and dont want to forget. Also, might sound weird, but there are even times when the message sparks an idea for a great blog posts. So you may even find notes within notes, on my page. Notes from the sermon, and notes from thoughts and ideas it has sparked within me!

9. Doodles
Ok so maybe this isnt "writing" but I'm still gonna count it. I love when I have a brand new or freshly sharpened pencil and I just want to make something pretty with it. Drawing and doodling by hand is still so much fun to me! Of course I very much love creating things, images, posters digitally... And my doodles/drawings are sort of child like, but real life in hand doodles and drawings, I just find to be amazing. ♥

10. Notes To Myself
I don't do this all that often. But I still sometimes hand write little inspirational notes, quotes or bible verses for myself to stick on my mirror or fridge!

Do any of you still write things by hand?
If so, share your list.. Or leave a link to your post with your list! 

Much Love & Hugs,
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  1. Your list pretty much summarizes mine, as well. Sometimes, I pick up a nicely sharpened pencil with the hopes of having something to write. I don't have a list on my blog, but check it out anyway. If I can figure out how to link it!

  2. I totally still writhe thank you notes, grocery lists and my planner is my life! I have one in my phone but I love my hand-written one :-)


  3. This link up is definitely making me want to start writing more things by hand again! I did add a personal handwritten note in all of my christmas cards last month - it was a lot of fun though also a lot of work, but totally worth it!

  4. you are so talented...haha, i think your handwriting looks great. At least from what you showed us =) i love the sermon notes. I used to do it so much more than i do now and i found that i payed attention much better when i took notes. i don't often go back through them, but it helps for sure!!

  5. I love your doodles! I doodle all the time, especially in meetings :)

  6. And here I thought I was the only one taking notes in church :)



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