Tuesday, January 29, 2013

10 Things That Make Me Happy

In no particular order, today Im sharing 10 things that make me happy!

1. Happy Mail
Because who doesn't love receiving fun snail mail packages in the mail!? Exciting and so much fun! Love love love!! This is happy mail from Brandi, 31 gifts, Andrea and Target. 

2. Custom Anything
I'm a huge fan of custom things, that make items personal and special! LOVE!
Like my Agape Love Bracelets from J. Golden,
my Custom Photo Pendant Necklace from When Shutters Click,
and my Hand Stamped Family Necklace from Amanda Lynn Designs.

3. Sweet Comments
Sweet comments definitely give me the warm fuzzies! These are just a few, there are many other amazing ladies who leave me beautifully sweet comments... But here are a few that I rounded up, that have really made me happy. :)

4. That feeling after a work out.
Because as much as it sucks during... I truly do feel amazing afterwards!
5. Great Sales
If sales make you happy too, then you will be happy to know Ive got some great sales to share with you!
Now until the 31st, you can get an additional 40% off Sale items at Kintage using code "SALE40".
Now until the 31st you can get 20% off anything over at Kai Rai Kids using code "AGAPE20".
Now until Feb 10th you can get 10% off anything over at Love Sparkle Pretty using code "LOVE10".

6. Fun Colorful Lip Balm
Im currently obsessed with baby lips! So cute and fun, I love the colors and scents!
Also... Lip Balm with unique and funny names (ahem unicorn farts) DEFINITELY make me happy!

7. Alone time with The Hubs
Duh. ♥ 
Alone time/dates with the hubs is kinda rare... But I love when we do get the opportunity. These photos are from a fun little day date we had.

8. Watching my kids sleep
Dont get me wrong when I say this.. I love my kids tons! But when they are awake... Oh boy can they be overwhelming. And LOUD. And though I do enjoy that part... There is something so sweet, innocent and just plain lovely about their sweet sleeping faces. The silence, and the soft sound of their breathing... Its definitely happy here.

9. Adorable animal prints!
Like this totally ADORABLE  hedgehog purse (from Curious Miss Clay) that is holding my awesome bloggy business cards from Moo. ♥ (Which also make me happy!)
10. Singing Praises
Music makes me happy. Its one way I love to express myself. Singing for the Lord, makes me even happier. You can catch some videos of me singing {here}.

What makes you happy!?
Share with me in the comments, or write up your own post and leave me the link! ♥
I'll be linking this up with Mindy's Top 10 Tuesday!

Much Love & Hugs,
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  1. I like #3 a lot :)


  2. wow,thank you for including me among your lovely readers. We really could be friends,I love sales and enjoy watching my son sleeping:)

    Enjoy Teaching English

  3. Yep! I can agree with everything on this list!!! Except for the kids sleeping... I don't have kids yet. ;)
    ~Kassi @ Truly Lovely

  4. This is such a great idea for a post, love it!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  5. Great list! I definitely need to get more happy mail - mine has been mostly bills and catalogs I didn't ask for lately :O)

  6. I absolutely love getting mail. Even as a kid, I always asked my parents if I could be the one to bring it in. Ha.


  7. I am loving your list! Thank you so much for linking up! I also love custom anything & cute prints! Which reminds me I need business cards... LOL


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