Saturday, January 19, 2013

2013 Health And Fitness Goals - With Infinite Life Fitness

It is 2013…What your health and fitness goals for this year!?
Every year more and more people make goals to get healthy and fit. On average do you know how long that motivation and drive lasts? THREE WEEKS! And to be honest most people do not make it that long! The key to YOUR health and fitness success is staying motivated, plan ahead, and find people to help keep you on track! Those three things are VERY important and some of the hardest things to find (and keep) to those who are just starting their health and fitness journey.  

This is a great time of year to start thinking about spring break of your summer vacations! If you want to be bikini ready you have to start NOW! Do not make any more excuses! Create your plan: What is the date you want to reach your goals? What is your goal (how much weight do you want to lose…. Or you want to get fit to run a race…) How do you plan to eat right? (Creating menus, planning out your meal times and meals) When are you going to work out? What are you going to do when you work out?

Pinned ImageNow…How are you going to stay motivated? (You can always check out my blog :-) BUT there are DOZENS of other health and fitness blogs out there that also aim to motivate and encourage people who need it) And who is going to be your Fitness buddy or Fitness counselor? A fitness buddy can be someone who is trying to get fit with you. Or they can just be there to help keep you on track. You can use them when you are feeling weak and wanting to give up. This person is so important and they have to be reliable! Cannot find a buddy? I WOULD LOVE TO BE YOUR FITNESS BUDDY!

Just contact me and we can chat about your goals and I can even offer you some advice. A fitness counselor is someone to help you with your meals and workouts. This can be a personal trainer, a friend who is a fitness junkie…or ME! I am currently taking new clients and my prices are VERY reasonable. I offer great packages that can fit into anyone’s budget. I never want price to be an issue when it comes to health and fitness. I even offer trades (currently I advertise on some websites/blogs in exchange for workouts and fitness advice! I am willing to bargain so YOU can start reaching your goals!)
Don’t belong to a fitness gym? NO PROBLEM! There are DOZENS of at home exercise you can do to help you reach your goals! Even if you are on a tight budget there are ways to still purchase healthy food and maintain a healthy diet. It does take some planning but YOU CAN DO IT! ANYONE CAN! The time to start is NOW! Not tomorrow…not next week…not next month…but TODAY! The only person holding you back from your health and fitness goals are YOU! What are you afraid of! Yes it will be hard at times…and yes you will slip up and make some mistakes but that is OK! We are all human and we all make mistakes. 2013 is YOUR year! So let’s start NOW on the new…healthier….MORE fit YOU!

This is Stephanie from Infinite Life Fitness.
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