Friday, January 25, 2013

A Whole Lot Of Praise

Ive mentioned a few times about the family CD that my family and my sister Mona's family does every year. And if you have not heard about it, you can read more about it here. I already shared one of the songs from our newest CD, my favorite that my sister Mona and her son did "I Wonder".

This is one of the photos we did for the CD cover. 
This is both mine and Mona's family all mixed up together. :)

Today I wanted to share a few more songs that are really hold special meaning in my heart. I think if you know me, you know what [praise] music means to me. How much I relate to songs, and how they speak things that I usually have trouble finding words for....
Which is why I wanted to do a song called "Need You Now (How Many Times)" by Plum. At the time, when I first heard this song, it was exactly me. Was exactly what I was feeling and going through. Explained perfectly my thoughts... And for a while I couldn't even get through the song without crying! I wrote a blog post about the song and what it meant to me here.

Anyways, when Mona heard the song she felt it too, maybe she wasn't as emotional as I (because I was going through something) but we both were like "whoa we need to do this song." We are so alike. We are not twins but I swear we have minds like twins, we are so in sync with one another... And you will see in the video how we practically mirror each others movements! HAHA
So anyways... Here is the video of Mona and I singing Need You Now/How Many Times. There is a part at the end where we miss a line and I laugh at our mess up. ;) (if you cant see the video, you can view it on youtube here)

The next song I want to share is one I sang with my Kiah-Girl. My beautiful daughter, love her so much! This is a song that SHE actually picked out. That I had not heard before she told me about it. But my oh my was it a perfect song - We Are The Light of the World by Kari Jobe. This song is based off of one of my FAVORITE verses, which I wrote about in this blog post "Therefore Shine". My sweet baby girl, she didnt know it was my favorite, or even that the song had a verse tied to it. But when I heard it, I realized and had to show her, and tell her how perfect this song was for me! And how glad I was do be singing it with her. ♥
So here is the video of me and Kiah singing We Are. (Link on Youtube here)

I love this photo! I took it during our little "shoot" for the cover photos. The Hubs, Kiah and Bruce went to grab their guitars and as they were coming down, they just looked so perfect! I had to get a shot of them!

Ok, so this last song I'm going to share is by all of my boys! The Hubs (on guitar) with Brucey and Zander singing. Little Bruce has a voice like WHOA! When I first started hearing him sing, I was beyond impressed by his beautiful voice and even the control he has even at a young age! Tell me this isnt the cutest thing you ever did hear!? :)
The song is God Bless America. Zander starts it off and then Brucey comes in (and also ends it alone). We didnt record video of them singing, but my sister put their voice recording to a picture for the video. I wish now that I would have video recorded them too! 

Oh, And just in case you are curious, Brucey is 6, Zander is 3 and Kiah is 9! (Link to video on youtube)

This last photo is the 2nd one we took for the cover of our CD.
Who is who: Clayton & Mona, Tyler, Josh, Zander, Kiah, Bella, Jasmine, Brucey, Me & The Hubs.
(my family in bold)

Much Love & Hugs,
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  1. wow,your posts amaze me every time.Your readers will never be bored, I assure you.
    Love your hair in the pic with your sis.

    Enjoy Teaching English

  2. I love last yrs CD. I bet this yrs is even better!


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