Friday, January 11, 2013

BumbleJax Acrylic Photo Art Review & Discount!

Ive had the opportunity to review a few different canvas prints in the past years, but recently I had the pleasure of receiving an acrylic photo print from BumbleJax, to review*. I picked my favorite new family photo taken by Ryan Alexander.

Let me tell you, I barely have words to express how impressed I am with the beauty and quality of this print! When I got it unpacked, the only words I found my lips could form was 'WOW'. I am not even kidding.

Ive never had an acrylic photo print before, and I feel like I have been missing out until now!  They hardly can compare to a canvas print. Of course I still absolutely love my canvas', but I have a new love and appreciation for the beautiful look, and gorgeous gallery feel this acrylic print brings.

It came packaged very well.

As you can see, my youngest (Zander) enjoyed the packaging as much as I enjoyed my print!

I, embarrassingly, admit that I was a little freaked out at first glance when I saw how BLUE the photo was!
I thought something happened to the photo, then I noticed the sticker. It was just a protective film to keep my print very safe when shipping. ♥

This print size is 24x16. GREAT size.
Perfect, to use as the main photo for my new gallery wall. Which I am still working on!
Ive been super busy.... But its on the 'to-do' list. ;)

I didnt get a shot of the side of the print. This one is from the Bumblejax site. But I wanted you all to see how thick and sturdy the acrylic mounted photo prints are...  Again, I cant stress enough how amazing the quality is.

This is a shot of the back.
I love the way they have this, with instructions and such on how to mount this perfectly on your wall.

Since my wall is a work in progress right now. 
(Need to take down old photos and decide on how I want to put the new ones up.... )
My print is sadly just hanging out on the top of my computer desk for now. 
But I will definitely post an update once the new photo wall is finished.

Anyways, if you are looking to update your photo gallery... Or need an idea for a great gift (birthday, valentines day, even more in the future Mothers day) I highly recommend BUMBLEJAX.

And if you shop now, you can save 12% with an exclusive discount "maria12off", available for a week ONLY. So, don't wait!

Find and connect with Bumblejax here:

Also, just wanted to mention, in addition to creating art from your personal photos, Bumblejax has launched a curated gallery! Check it out at

*I received this acrylic print free of charge from bumblejax to review on my blog. All thoughts expressed are my own honest opinions.

Much Love & Hugs,
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  1. i've always wanted to do this for my parents. great gift idea.

  2. Looks beautiful! What is the difference between acrylic and canvas? Probably hard to show in a photo!

    1. Megan,

      Great question! Canvas is kind of like a thick tough "fabric" like material. Like the stretch canvas one would paint on. So its a photo on canvas. This acrylic print has the photo under an acrylic "plexi-Glass" like material. If you look at the photo of the side view you can get the idea. This acrylic print is very study and pretty heavy duty. Canvas prints are light weight. Not putting down the quality of canvas, they are just different, in those areas. :) I definitely love the look of both. But definitely think Im favorite the gorgeous look of the acrylic! ♥ You can take a look at one of my own canvas prints here:


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