Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Cant Hack It

Hey all, so I'm linking up with Erin and Gay for their "If I were a boy" link up.
At first when I read about it, my mind went crazy with all kinds of silly thoughts and ideas...
Goodness, I'd probably enjoy the fact that I'd look the same no matter what!
So no worrying about getting up early to prep and prepare myself, 
I'd just roll out of bed and be good to go!

I'd eat like a pig and not worry about gaining an ounce.
And even if I did, it wouldn't matter, since you know, guys lose weight a lot faster and easier than women!

I'd fart and burp without any shame. HA!

I'd quote movies constantly and ask everyone 'What Movie!?' 

I'd make stupid jokes that only other men could appreciate.
I'd watch TV without any interruption.
As in, it wouldn't matter who was talking to me, asking me something, needed me...
I'd be totally completely oblivious to it, until a commercial came on.

I'd tell the kids "Go ask your mom"... and they would actually LISTEN!
(Maybe its just me, but I cant for the life of me get my kids to ask The Hubs for or to do anything!)

I'd think about "nothing" for hours.

I'd be glad I didn't have to go through PMS, or give birth!

I'd have no shame or feel embarrassed, ever.

I'd pee outside, and try to write my name with it... Yeah, because I COULD!
Then I thought more seriously....
I thought, goodness, if I were a boy... 
Wouldn't I want to be all the things that I WISH a boy would be like?
Wouldn't I want to be polite and considerate and helpful and take care of my body and appearance?

Well... Yeah, I WOULD! 
But of course.... Then that would take all the fun out of being a boy.
So I guess that must make me a "can't-hack-it pantywaist who wears their mama's bra" 
(- What Movie!? har har) kind of "boy"!

Which is why I'm glad Im a girl... Even if being a boy MAY be more fun, and a little easier!
And besides... 
If I WERE a boy, I wouldn't be able to pull of Zebra print or look fabulous in skinny jeans and shoes with bows on them!

So, yeeeahhhh..... Tell me all about what you would do if YOU were a boy!?
Or better yet, write up a post and link up like me! ♥

Top: Ross
Polka Dot Skinnies: Old Navy
Shoes: Soda via Ross
Bow Ring: Premier Designs
Clutch Purse: A little gift from Shabby Kitteh

On another note... 
The first person to tell me what movie that quote is from will win a large ad space from me! ♥
Good luck babes!

Much Love & Hugs,
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  1. It's from the movie The Sandlot! Oh I love that movie and so do my kids lol!

    1. Vanessa! YES!! Sandlot! LOL Love that movie too... Watched it way too much as a kid. HAHA

    2. BTW email me about getting the free ad space!! :-)

  2. loved this link-up - i think it's hilarious! the one you got me at was to think about "nothing" for hours - that is SO true. my husband says he can't imagine how we girls keep our brains turning and turning!

    happy wednesday, friend. :)

  3. Haha I would pee everywhere! And I would obviously write my name with it as well because that's just a genius idea.

  4. Everyone's list has something about pee on it. I love it! After reading everything today tho, I'm pretty happy with my female lot in life.

  5. how was I not thinking about the dang monthly we get every month! hahaha love it

  6. hahaha, I especially liked "Go ask Mama" part,ha:)

  7. Love your wedges they are so cute! Great outfit.

    If you get a sec, please check out my latest post 'Black and White from Day to Night.'


  8. FOR-EV-ER! I love the Sandlot! And you look amazing!

  9. I agree w/ Mindy, you DO look AMAZING!! Whatever you're doing MUST be working! AND, if I was a boy, I would have a serious crush on you!!!

  10. hahaha yes to all of the above. especially the first part - isn't it crazy how we have so many ways of making ourselves look different? make up and hair and body shapers and so on. sometimes it would be nice to just always look the same.


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