Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year - New Sponsor Options!

 With the New Year here, I decided to change up a few things about how we do advertising around here. Ive learned a lot about what works best, and I believe these changes will be for the best.

These changes include having the option to PURCHASE a SOLO giveaway without having to purchase an ad space. I often get asked to host a giveaway from non-sponsors. Giveaways are a lot extra time and work, so I would often have to turn people down to save those giveaway slots and time for my paying sponsors. Well now, I am offering a very affordable option to purchase a giveaway.

Another change is now my featured sponsor is the ONLY ad space that has the option to do a solo giveaway. Making it the primo ad space to get here on Agape Love. ♥ There is only ONE featured ad available each month, and it stays at the top of my sponsor section, the whole month. Featured sponsors can also participate in the group giveaway if so desired. :)

The rest of my sponsors, Large, Medium as well as small and in post sponsor will now have the option to participate in a monthly group giveaway which will run for two weeks instead of one!

All but small ads, will have the option to participate in the monthly group question/welcome/feature.

All but small ads, will get social media attention, shout outs, and pinterest pins from their blog and/or shop.

All ad spots will be featured sporadically in my weekly "Pretty Things" posts.

Agape Love Designs is steadily growing each day, I am just thrilled about that and would LOVE to have you join me here. I truly work hard to advertise for my sponsors, get to know them and their blogs/business and love them! Its my goal to help others get to know and love them too!

Here is a peek what a couple of my sponsors had to say about me!

 Here is a peek at my blogger stats, so you can get an idea of my page views and popular posts.

Current Stats:
1,330+ GFC Followers
1,300+ RSS Followers
2,800+ Facebook Fans
1,024+ Twitter Followers
1,760+ Pinterest Followers
120+ Bloglovin & Hellocotton & Networked Blogs
296+ Instagram Followers (Just signed up 4 months ago)

43,000+ Page views a Month (and growing daily!)

If you would like to sponsor Agape Love, you can purchase a spot with my ad shop below!
Dont forget to use the coupon code, found in the picture above.
(Will be Valid until  1/31/13)

Much Love & Hugs,
Visit my In Post Sponsor:
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