Friday, January 18, 2013

Vino Bello Resort - Photo Heavy Review

Last month The Hubs and I went to Napa for our anniversary getaway!
You can read more about our trip in this post {8 Years}.
We stayed at a very nice hotel called the Vino Bello.

The suite we got was like a mini home (the one bedroom condo)! I just loved it.
So I as I mention in my last post, about our anniversary, I wanted to share more photos of it.
So if you are every staying in Napa, and looking for a little home away from home,
I definitely recommend this place!

I would like to say ahead of time, this is NOT a sponsored post.
I just really enjoyed my stay and wanted to share.
This first photo is a photo of the Vino Bello Resort from their site.
All the rest of the photos are ones that I took myself.
You'll have to click on it to get a better look.

So as I said, we booked the one bedroom condo.
For one it has its own 'semi-private' entry way.
There is one door that you open from the hotel hallway that takes you to another small entry way 
with two doors so, one on the left and one on the right.
So you share with your next door "neighbor". But I still thought it was neat.

After you walk in, the the immediate right there are shutter doors, 
and behind those doors is a closet with a washer and dryer. 
Very convenient.

Turn to the left and you will see the kitchen and part of the living room.

Looking straight ahead, from the door, is the bathroom.

I have a thing for nice bathrooms.
This one was gorgeous.

It had a huge shower, with jets on the walls too.

To the left was a door to the bedroom, where the jacuzzi soaking tub was as well.

I also have a thing to nice big jacuzzi tubs.
When we (if we ever get to) remodel our master bathroom, I want a jacuzzi tub!
So relaxing and also very romantic. ;)

The bed was a king size.
Gorgeous, and decently comfy.

We enjoyed the tv in the room, as well.
Hubs and I usually cuddle and watch a show or movie before bed. 
So it was nice to still have that option.

Leading out of the other door in the bed room goes out to the living room.

Looking to the right from the bedroom door:

The living room was very nice. 
The couches/chairs we super comfy.

Me and The Hubby Bubby.

Looking left from the bedroom door:

I loved the kitchen.
Loved that it had pretty much anything you needed to cook and prepare food.

In the fridge was water and a complimentary bottle of wine.
Moscoto is my FAVORITE kind of wine.
Im sort of picky about it though... I dont like it too strong. I like it sweet.
This moscoto was super yummy. We ordered two more bottles!

A look around the kitchen...

We never even ended up eating here, because we wanted to go out and enjoy the town.
But it was so cute, and I loved that everything was right here for us if we wanted.
I told Hubs I actually wouldnt mind making dinner in this kitchen.
Which is HUGE, cause if you know me, you know I HATE to cook! HA

I loved this sweet little balcony that we also had.
A nice little spot to have coffee in the morning.

Our view was of the pools and the vineyards in the back.

We never ended up checking out the pool area, it was WAY too cold.
Though we were told that the pools were heated (or at least one of them was!).
It looked like a very nice pool area, though, you can kind of see in the bottom right side of the photo,
there were nice bbq grills down there too.

From the end of the patio looking towards our room.
Loved that the bedroom had a sliding glass door to the patio too.

And then this is the view looking in from the patio door.

Yeah I was pretty excited and had to take photos from pretty much every spot in the place! 
It was such a gorgeous little home away from home for us.
I really enjoyed it.
I think it would be especially nice in a warmer season so we could fully enjoy the facilities.
Though The Hubs and I agreed its best to never to do the same thing or go to the same place for our
anniversary trips, I honestly wouldn't mind coming back here.
Especially if we planned on staying for a longer period of time!
Now that we know how nicely equipped it is, and that we could cook and even do laundry here,
I know it would be so much fun, (and easier than staying in a "normal" hotel) for a longer vacay trip.

We both enjoyed our time here very much.
The whole place was gorgeous.
As I said before, it felt like a beautiful little home away from home.
And I hope we do make a point to come back again sometime. ♥

Much Love & Hugs,
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