Friday, February 15, 2013

2013 Insta-Life, So Far

Happy Friday everyone!
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1. Getting ready to go out with The Hubs tonight! #makeup is done! Used #rimmellondon glam eyes quad in green sapphire!
2. This cracks me up, he's playing angry birds star wars. And the kids flock to him! Haha
3. apples to apples with the family game night!
4.  Love my lil man.
Some days are very plain, schlumpy, baggy clothes kinda days. Do not feel like dressing to impress today!

1. Had such a great time meeting & shopping with @littlemissandee this morning!! Love how alike we are! #soulsistas

2. Me & Brucey.
3. Me & Zander
4. Selfie
Zander LOVES his animal babies! He's gonna be such a good daddy one day. ♥

Enjoying the sun. Chalk art with Zander outside!

1. Love #chalkart

2. Zander says the trees by out house are the "spooky Forest". #DoraFan
3. Me & Zander
4. Brucey helping me in the nursery at Church!
Happy Mail from 31 Gifts! Pretty new skirts for my Skirt Purse!

What I wore to Church.

1. Zander doing great, helping me with the laundry.

2. My sweet Kiah. #prettyinpink
3.  Zander, he HAS to eat the banana 'like a monkey' (with the peel still on!) .
4. The beautiful new journal I got as a gift. Love this quote.

1. Like father, Like son! Haha I came home and found them like this.

2. Me & The Hubs
3.  What Im reading.
4. Worth... This lesson has really been sticking with me lately. Love it!

Date day with The Hubs. Lunch, guitar shop, and looking through several antique shops!

Lots of antiques. I love it!

1. Antique shop books. Wizard of Oz series!

2. Snail Mail
3. New Nail Decals, from RLR Creations Nail Art
4.LOVE my Baby Lips!

My amazing Custom Photo Necklace c/o When Shutters Click Gifts

What  wore to Church.

What I wore to Church.

1. Zander & my niece Bella

2. I love that he knows how to spell his name already!
3. Zander & my niece Sissy. They are 6 months apart but don't they look like they could be twins!?
4. Worship Practice! LOVE.

I just LOVE my new jewelry from Oh Dani Girl Boutique.

1. Chalkboard Mug (from walmart)

2. Breakfast #whatmariaeats
3. New 49ers Mani for the Superbowl
4. Watching the Superbowl in Hubs Game Room, on his ginormous projector screen!

Family Game Night!
Bowling, we has so much fun!
My and my beautiful family. Hubs, Kiah, Bruce, Zander!
More bowling shots. My kids are just so stinkin' cute!

Ive been trying to find a peplum dress that I actually like.
This one I actually liked, because it was longer in the torso, but it was a little too revealing for me!

1. Had a fun Sister night out! Me (the gigantor and my sisters Alea, Mona, & Samantha)

2. Bigging out the Healthy way! #WhatMariaEats
3. New sunglasses from Maurices, LOVE them!
4. No I dont wear glasses, or even need them. I just like the look. ;)
New clothes. From Ross. I love Ross! (And Blazers!)

Decided to go for a nice long walk with The Hubs and Zander, to enjoy the beautiful day!
We walked for about an hour and a half....
Annnnd... My pretty LOVE Mani!

1. My new favorite outfit, with my gorgeous skirt c/o eShakti.
2. Before getting my hair done!
3. During
4. Got a new cut and RED! (no its not short.. those are the layers!)
A better look of the cut & color.

Annnnnd.... yesterdays Valentines for the Kids, and the mugs are for their teachers!

Much Love & Hugs,
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  1. What fun pics! You are so pretty. I really like your striped skirt on that pic toward the bottom of the post. :)

  2. Great photos. I love looking at pics of people's lifes. Your hair looks great. I need to have mine done soon. My Instagram page is @dramaqueensmum.

  3. Hi! I subscribed to your blog after reading your guest post on Eat Yourself Skinny : )

    Just started following you on Instagram, love your make-up photos! My Instagram is @kat_heg

  4. so many cool pics and memories :D


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