Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Customize It

I mentioned recently that one of the top ten things that make me happy was customizable things. Shopping wasn't exactly on that list, but I certainly do love shopping. Put those things together and I'm a happy gal...

With my weight loss and the way my body is changing, sizing can sometimes be difficult. Especially because, though my waist is getting smaller, I am still pretty big up top. I'm finding that a lot of items (dresses mostly) that fit me perfectly everywhere else, are often still tight in the chest. Boo to that. I do love my still curvy body, but going up a size to be able to wear something is kind of a kill joy - when I have worked so hard to get to a smaller size!

So when I was contacted by eshakti about receiving an item to review, I was ecstatic! Eshakti is a unique women's apparel online store that allows custom changes in the style of the garment - sleeve, neckline, length to make it custom to the customer. They offer standard sizes 0-36W, but also allow you to choose to custom tailor any item to your specific measurments for a more flattering look and fit!
Of course my instant desire was to get a dress. They have SUCH a gorgeous selection of dresses, it was extremely hard to choose just ONE thing! I knew that getting a dress would be the smart thing to do, so I could get something that fit me perfectly everywhere! And so I'd be able to give you all an awesome review of how their customization was......

But, then I saw this skirt.... And believe me, it was still a tough, tough choice to make between this skirt and the other dresses I was eying this one, this one & this one. In the end, though, I couldn't get that skirt out of my head. Ive been wanting one like it for a long time. So I went with it, and I DO NOT regret it!
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this skirt. Love love love.... Love love love. Yes. Love. You cannot tell me its not just the most adorable, classy, and versatile skirt! Look at that total cheese ballin' smile it gives me. I feel cute in this skirt. I feel fun, a little flirty, but also classy and sophisticated in it. And maybe its just me, but I also think its just very flattering on me... Especially for horizontal stripes, which I used to avoid like the plague before my weight loss!

Now, I still did decide on the custom tailoring for me. However, I was sort of naive to just how to customize this skirt to my size. The process actually was very helpful telling me how and where exactly to measure myself, I was asked where I would wear this skirt (at waist, below waist, or above waist), and what length I wanted it. With what I know now all that would be perfect in helping me tailor this skirt to myself...

My only problem was that I just wasn't sure how this style of skirt would look on me and just how I should/would actually wear it! So I guessed, and sized it to be worn below my waist  (because thats how I wear most of my jeans). And I decided to have the length made to go to my knees. Well when I got it, I really hated the way it looked worn at my hips! This style skirt (in my opinion) is made to look best when worn at the waist or higher. So I just pulled it up! I hiked it up past my natural waist line, it was a little lose, but I loved the way it looked worn this way so much better - High waisted and a little above the knee. So I styled it with my favorite blazer and a belt to help keep it up. And now this outfit has become one of my absolute favorites. ♥
Now, I'd like to take a minute to talk about this necklace I'm wearing! Isn't it lovely? I received it and a couple other necklaces c/o Natalie of When Shutters Click Gifts. Not only is the quality just perfect, what I really love about Natalie's work is that its uniquely her own. What I mean is that the images on these necklaces (aside from my custom necklace of course) and the images on all her necklaces and other items are not mass produced images that anyone can purchase to use for their own creations... Her items are made from her own original photography.  What can you expect to find in her shop? Jewelry - necklaces, earrings and coming soon - silk wrap bracelets. You will aslo find cards, bookmarks, wine charms and magnets! And if you are looking for a custom necklace, she is even offering those as well! Right now Natalie has a fun thing going on --> 12 DAYS OF VALENTINES SALE <-- One item each day from Feb 1-12 will be discounted for the sale. The discount will only apply for that day, and the following day a new item will be discounted. Be sure to check it out and see if you can get in on an awesome deal!
What I Wearing:
Earrings: c/o My Life As Mindy
Cami: Ross
Blazer & Belt: Maurices
Skirt: c/o Eshakti
Shoes: Forever21
Bracelet: Agape Love (I made it!)
Makeup: Get the look here

Much Love & Hugs,
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  1. so cute!

    Here's my outfits:

  2. Digging your eyeliner! I have been wearing blue eyeliner for years! COLOR!!

    1. Yes I just love color! Huge fan of colorful looks, especially for the eyes!! ♥

  3. I absolutely ADORE this skirt, and you look fabulous!
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  4. I love your skirt!! And with the hot pink! Amazing combo! I love your style and outfit. :)

    Found your blog via Shanna Said So! :)

    xo – Sheila
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  5. I am so in love with that skirt! Such a perfect choice. And it looks amazing on you!!

    1. It was a tough choice! They have such an amazing selection, but I am thrilled with my skirt. ♥ Thank you so much!

  6. You are so gorgeous, and I'm loving that outfit!

  7. I know this is old, but I'm getting caught up on your blog! I can't believe you ended up going with this skirt! I ordered it in navy and white, but the sizing was off, so I had to send it back. I intended to reorder it with different measurements, but it looks like it might be sold out. Hopefully it's just temporarily out of stock! It looks amazing on you! That is the length I wanted, but mine was really long and too big in the hips. Okay, just had to share my whole story for some reason!


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