Friday, February 1, 2013

{DIY} Faux Mary Janes

Hello friends!
Today I am super excited to share with you a cute new fashionable creation I made this week!
Let me just back story a little here. I've been LOVING the look of Mary Janes lately... 
Especially Mary Jane Pumps!
So while I was online browsing some (and wanting them all!) I kept having to tell myself 
"I don't need more shoes, I don't need more shoes..." haha
Arguing with myself, Im thinking "but they are so cute! I love the straps! Oh this one has bows!"

Anyone else argue with themselves like this? ;)

Well long story short, of course I didn't buy any new shoes.
But I got a light bulb moment (as these things usually happen) and think, 
what if I could turn the shoes I already have into Mary Janes?
But I wouldn't want to do anything permanent, I'd want something that was versatile...
Something I could change with my mood....
So here is what I came up with. DIY (elastic) Faux Mary Jane style shoe accessories.
They are sort of like mini headbands only for your feet/shoes. :)

Here is what you will need:
- FOE Elastic -Scissors -Measuring Tape -Ribbon and/or Fabric -Glue Gun/Glue Sticks 
-Felt (if you decide to do fabric rosettes)

Here is what you do (see photos below):
-Measure around your foot.
-Cut two sections of your elastic to your foot measurement.
-Create a bow with ribbon (or fabric)
-Glue together your strips of elastic to make two loops
-Glue bow to loop, and cut another small section of elastic to glue/wrap around the center of the bow.
Now you will have what looks like two mini headbands... Wrap them around your your foot (or all the way around your shoe) and you have yourselves some adorable looking (faux) Mary Jane Pumps, that you can wear several different ways! See more photos below.

I made several pair of my "Mary Jane" bands... 
Here is a quick look at how I made the rosette ones.
The awesome thing about these, is they look just as great with flats as they do with pumps!
And there are several ways you can wear them; Around your foot, around the entire shoe (for heels only), around your ankle. You can wear the bows in the front, to the side or even at the back of your ankle! I just LOVE love love how these turned out!!

Here is a look at all the Mary Jane Bands I made, and a few more looks wearing them.
I am just so excited about these!
I love when you come up with a unique idea and it actually works out. :)
I think that when (or if) I open my shop again, I just might have to offer these in there. ♥
Arent they just adorable?

Much Love & Hugs,
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  1. Wow love this! So easy and very stylish!!!

  2. Love, love, love, love, love! Thank you so much for this DIY! Happy Friday!

  3. I love everything about these shoes! SO creative!

  4. So so cute! I love them... Plus I think I already have the supplies! Bonus! Thanks for sharing such a great idea!

  5. These are super cute. I love your leopard print shoes too!!

  6. super easy and looks awsome.You are so creative!

    Enjoy Teaching English

  7. Really gorgeous :) Also I found your blog through Eat Yourself Skinny, and I just wanted to say I hope you are sooo proud of yourself. You have come so far, you look great (check out those legs!!), and you're investing in yourself and your children by being healthy to ensure you are around for the future.

    I'm on my weight loss journey too, and sometimes I feel like things aren't going fast enough or I have a bad day - but then I realize it's a good lesson to trust in Him and His plan, and to just.keep.going. All things are possible, right? Jane

  8. I'm in love! I just bought leopard print shoes at Target {for $9!} and these would be amazing!

  9. OMG!! You have surpassed even MY high standards of what to expect of you!! You are *insert singing voice here* GENIOUS!! And those stems, GORGEOUS!!! Gurl, you ROCK my computer screen! Luv Ya, kweenbee_612!

  10. Hi,

    this is what I call a wonderful idea.

    Best wishes from Germany
    Moppelelfe Steffi

  11. What a great idea! I may have to try this out!

  12. This is so cute, and a great way to give a boring pair of shoes that extra "something"!

  13. Hello!

    What a cute idea! Your shoes are so cute! I found your blog through the What I Wore Wednesdays and you have a great blog and also I'm a new follower of yours:) Have a good day!

    Lillies & Silk


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