Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Fashion Pause

Sometimes I have these silly little thoughts...

The other day, I was thinking about my post on chambray, and how many fashion forward people were on the 'yay' side of chambray. Then that got me thinking of the term 'fashion forward'. I was thinking - "I'm not fashion forward, so would that make me fashion rewind?"

Then I thought, no... That's not accurate. Because really if you think about it fashion "forward" is really fashion REWIND too! Because after all - isn't most fashion just recycled through different decades!?  In style for a period of time, then out, and back in a couple decades later.

Like chambray... My very fashion forward bloggy bestie informed me that chambray is a classic and has been around for years. Another gal I adore, admitted to feeling old because she can say she remembered chambray being 'in' when she was in high school! :-)

So if fashion forward people are also fashion rewind people... Then where do I fit in? I thought a moment more and decided, well then I must be fashion pause. Haha I like my fashion right as it is, right where it is.... And I am sometimes, I guess you could say, fashion pause-forward.... You know what I'm talking about? Where you're at pause but slowly going forward to find the right spot in a movie!? Haha yeah... I guess that's me. Stuck on pause with my fashion... Slowly creeping forward when I see fit.

Anyone else!?!?

Annnnnd.... Those are the silly kind of thoughts that go through my head from time to time. I know, I'm so profound, right. ;) What can I say?

Happy Wednesday friends.

What Im Wearing:
Dress: Ross
Blazer: Ross
Purple Tights: No Nonsense (via Walmart)
Booties: Target
Face: c/o My Parents. (Thanks Mom & Dad)

Much Love & Hugs,
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  1. You crack me up! I'm definitely not fashion anything, but I say fashion is what you're feeling good in. And you always look happy with your fashions! Love the purple tights; not sure I'm brave enough for those though. :-)

  2. Love the look!! SO cute and yes, I had Chambray growing up and it is as classic as polos, khakis and loafers!! LOL

    Enjoy your day!

  3. I love your purple tights and yes you are fashion forward rewind and in between!

  4. Oh my.. I'm totally feeling you on the forward, rewind and in between lady. I'm wearing Chambray today in my 7 Ways to Wear a Chambray Shirt. Check it out.

    The purple tights are fantastic & yet another reason I need a Blazer in EVERY COLOR. :) You look great.

  5. Love the purples! Also, great "face c/o mom and dad.' =)

    1. haha Thanks! I was wondering if anyone would catch that! ;) I crack myself up... Not everyone gets that. pft! ;)

  6. You are hilarious. love the purple stems.

  7. OMG! You look frikkin' fabulous!!!! I love the purple.

  8. haha for one you are funny! Tyler goes scroll up... and look at the outfit roll call.... I'm like yeah what?? Face: C/O parents hahaha and we laughed. so funny! also what style is chambray anyway? I am fashion anything that looks cool to me! :)


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