Friday, February 8, 2013

Fuel Your Body Right

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Working out is 1/3 of the true battle of reaching your health goals.
The other 2/3….comes from eating right!
No matter how hard you try you will not see the results you want unless you start to eat BETTER
Your body needs the proper fuel in order to burn those unwanted calories.
Yes it will be hard…but it will be worth getting the results you want in the end!
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The key is to take BABY STEPS!
{1} slowly start substituting items in your diet. Yes they say diet carbonated beverages are not good for you…but neither are the real things! So if you need to get your “cola” fix for the day try switching to the diet version. Then after you are able to do that start to slowly take yourself off of those kinds of products in general.

{2} Eating healthy does not mean eating less calories! You still need to fill your plate with veggies and fruits! Skipping meals actually HALTS weight loss! You need to eat to keep your metabolism working

{3} Eating healthy does not mean the food has to be bland and tasteless! There are SO many healthy food recipes and options out there for you to try that are just as good as the “bad” food you use to eat.

{4} Just don’t buy it! That is the one rule that I live by. If you do not buy it…and you do not have it hidden at home…this does not temp you to want to eat it!
Are you fueling your body with the right foods?
Your eating habits can hinder or halt your health and fitness progress!
This is Stephanie from Infinite Life Fitness. 
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  1. thank you for this it was the motivation i needed

  2. nice post!!!I'll be waitting for more like this one!

    Bea =)


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