Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Maintaining Is Better Than Gaining

So most of you know that at the start of the year I had 30 more pounds to lose and it was my goal to lose the rest of it by the one year mark of starting this journey, March 1st. I was fully confident in my ability to reach that goal. And since we are inching closer and closer to the 1 year mark here, I figured I should share an update with you all. I wish I could write today and say that I am closer to my goal weight...

Unfortunately though, I cant. The truth is, I haven't budged from 170 since December! And honestly Ive been pretty bummed about that fact, as I'm realizing that hitting 140 by March 1st is just not going to happen. I feel bummed, because I didn't get my butt in gear and really push harder to meet this goal. I also feel bummed, because as someone who has become an inspiration to others, I feel like a failure. Yeah, I know.. Pity party for one here!

I don't like making excuses, but the truth is I have been busy and just have not put my weight loss as a main priority like I did when I first started out. When I first started out I didnt let any reason or excuse stop me from going to the gym. We just went, every day (well at least 5 days a week) and that was that! Lately though, as things usually go, others things have been having to come first...

The Hubs has been gone and busy a lot. Ive been dealing with sick kids off and on. Ive also been having to baby sit a lot to help out family. Ive been dealing with some emotional stuff.. Which I will not be getting into... Its nothing serious, just Ive been struggling with some inner turmoil, I guess. And my emotions just keep getting the best of me. With that I have not been sleeping well either, which doesn't help the emotions either!

And I have been in this pity party feeling sorry for myself, being angry with myself, stupidly putting myself down and over analyzing every bit of fat and flab still on my body! Ive been emotional and it seems everything will bring me to tears lately. Obviously this is just ridiculous and not healthy for me...
Then during on of my little meltdowns, poor Hubs - clueless about all this extra emotional stuff - asks me whats wrong. Poor guy, I just totally unloaded on him... Pouring out all kinds of crazy mind vomit on him. How could I really explain what was upsetting me, when even I didn't really understand. Its not like it was really anything in particular, but a bunch of little things that were just eating me up inside- and stupid things mostly! Nothing really made sense.. But I had to get it all out.

He sort of got this deer in the headlights kind of look... And then I finally admitted to also being real down about my current weight loss (or LACK there of) status! He, then, simply said "Well you know.. Maintaining is better than gaining." He of course still comforted me and told me I looked great and have done amazing so far, and that he was so proud of me. But it was that first thing he said that really struck me, and calmed me down.

Yeah, I guess that is true. I may not be down to my goal weight by the one year mark - but I WILL get there! I know I will, its not like I am or have given up. And I'm not a failure - Ive come so far already! I can be, SHOULD be proud of myself for coming so far and not back tracking or gaining weight. I shouldn't easily forget all the hard work I have done and how far Ive come, just because I'm not currently losing weight.
I'm still standing at 170 pounds, a 70 pound weight loss, and I have 30 more pounds to go. I haven't lost anymore weight in the last couple months like I had hoped, but I haven't gained either... I will get there to my goal. I have not given up. It will just take a little more time than I had hoped and a lot more effort than I have been giving lately. Which means getting out of this slump Ive been in, accepting and appreciating myself, and finding a new balance this year for my health and fitness routine... Obviously 2-3 hour days/5 days a week at the gym is just not possible with the business of life here lately. But I cant let that fact stop me or get me down either. I will keep at this, and hopefully my next weight loss update will be a much better one.

What I Wearing:
Necklace & Earrings: Oh Dani Girl Boutique
Sequin Tank: Old Navy
Skinny Jeanst: Walmart
Booties: Target
Jacket: 'hand me down' c/o Shabby Kitteh

Much Love & Hugs,
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  1. Isn't it great when our hubby sometimes says the most perfect thing at the most perfect time? (Makes up for all the rest of the imperfect times LOL)

    But he's so right! And you should be proud! Sometimes our goals need to be adjusted and as long as you're not going backwards... you're always moving forward!

    Congratulations on your weight loss so far and I am cheering you on for your future goals!

    1. Yes, so wonderful when they do that! LOL He may be clueless about the emotional stuff, but he does have a way with words at times! :)

      Thank you so much the uplifting comment! ♥ Encouragement means so much to me!

  2. 70 pounds down is AMAZING!!!! That's my goal and the fact that you've done it and maintained it is inspiring. Think about where you were 70 pounds ago- how great would it have felt back then to see yourself now?

    I hope you can be proud and happy with how far you've come- because I'm happy for you!

    1. Its funny how easily I can forget all the hard work Ive done and how far I have come. And crazy how easily I can get down on myself! But yes, Im definitely proud myself for my progress so far.

      I love what you said... how great it would have felt to see myself now, back then! Thats so good. I know I would be amazed, so I'll try to keep thinking of it like that! Thanks so much for the encouragement! ♥

  3. Shoot, yeah, 70 pounds is an AMAZING loss!!! You may maintain for a while, but this is a time to look back and see how far you have come. Think about what you felt like when this journey began, and how you feel now.

    You are an inspiration for me- even if you never lose another pound...but I am betting you will... :0)

    1. Thank you so much! Thats means a lot.

      And so true... When this journey began, I never thought I would get so far. So it is so great to look back as a reminder! :)

  4. (Oh, and your outfit is super cute- I L-O-V-E the jacket with the purple pants!)

  5. You look really amazing girl and I'm proud of you!! Like your arms look skinny! Lol I don't even think you need to lose 30 more ;-) but I know you are driven and will reach that goal!

    1. You are so sweet thanks girl!! The 30 pounds is really to tone up a lot of spots... Like my belly mostly, my inner thighs, and I still have some hangy flab on my arms! LOL Sounds obsessive, but its not. Clothes just conceal me well! haha

  6. Maria, my sweet mama. Can I just tell you first of all, that I think this outfit and hair, and eye makeup and necklace, is probably my FAVORITE fashion post you've ever posted, worn or shown us.... :) Did you look at those pictures mama, your eyes are AMAZING, your smile is perfect, and your hair is awesome. I love it all, you are just glowing, and I love seeing you like that :)

    For the weight loss girl, when I turned 30 almost 4 years ago I swore to myself I would get in shape, and IT DID NOT HAPPEN, then the next year and the next and the next.

    Guess what, next month I'm turning 34, and AGAIN I will try to reach a goal. The numbers don't matter to me so much as actually following through and working TOWARDS my goal.

    This weekend I'm finalizing my plans, and for the first time ever, will put myself out there JUST like you did for us, and hopefully it will be all the motivation I need to finally get it done. Monday will be 40 days until my birthday, and I plan to make it count.

    Having goals is great, that's what pushes us to reach for them, BUT like my new years resolution, I refuse to look at what I didn't get done, rather what I did. I think you need to do the same. Give yourself a new goal, BUT celebrate ALL that you have done so far, because you have truly come a long way, and I love ya girl.

    Hugs, Bella

  7. You are beautiful and still an inspiration! I get very emotional at times, too. I can feel depression setting in and my husband is great at helping me feel better. But, like you, I feel bad dumping on him. One thing I learned through my weight loss, and he reminds me, is that if I'm feeling crappy, even a walk around the block or on the treadmill for 10 minutes can really lift your spirits and help get your mind back on track to what's important instead of what you're harping on yourself about. It works for me - when I remember to do it. It's not a full workout and that's ok. It's the movement that helps your body to feel better, which will help your heart feel better, too! Keep up the good work. Things take time and you will get there!

  8. First of all let me tell you that you look AMAZING. This is probably one of my favorite fashion posts you've ever done. I love your hair, your EYE MAKEUP, your smile, your necklace, your pants, that jacket,,,, hello, just about everything. BEEUUUTIFUL mama. :)

    Secondly I just want to congratulate you on everything you have accomplished so far. Reaching goals is amazing, but so is the journey getting there. Your journey just took a little detour mama, that's all. You'll get there, and when you do it may not even be 30 pounds later, it may be 20, it may be 10..... YOU will know when you are there, and enjoy the ride until then. Appreciate all that you are doing for yourself, it's a lot of love you are giving yourself, and others by sharing your struggles, your victories, and your thoughts.

    When I turned 30 almost 4 years ago I was positive I would get in shape. (whatever that means, lol).... but it didn't happen, and I tried again the next year and the next and the next. I guess I just didn't want it bad enough, or else it would have happened. I know I didn't put the effort to get there, and miracles like that just don't happen in real life, lol.

    BUT guess what, this year I am trying again, and like my usual self, I've waited until crunch time. Next Monday will be 40 days until I turn 34, and I'm going public with my plan..... just like you did. I think it will be the motivation I need to finally get it done. To prove to myself once and for all that I can do it, and of course my curious nature to see if it's even possible,..... haha. I mean seriously 40 days for a miracle,,,, hmmmm..... I've read lots of books, and I'm taking what I need from each, and creating a system that I HOPE will work for me.

    I know I can't dedicate 2-3 hours int he gym, so there has to be another way. Stick to it mama, if you want it bad enough, you will make it happen. You've done it already :)

    Anyway, I'll email you this weekend. Maybe you want to joint the 40 day challenge with me. It would be THE BEST BIRTHDAY GIFT EVER,,,, to see my friends and family get healthier, and accomplish something they never thought they could do. Pretty much everyone in my family needs to get in better shape, so I'm going to beg them to give it a try. I hope it works girl. You are truly inspirational, and I love ya lots.

    Hugs, Bella

  9. You have done a tremendous job Maria,you just look awesome.I admire you.This is also what has happened to me since summer.I didn't reach my goal but I didn't gain any weight either.And I am kind of proud of myself to keep on my healthy eating habits.

    Enjoy Teaching English

  10. You are a beautiful woman!! Congrats so far on your amazing accomplishment. You are well on your not ever discount that. Keep up the great work and don't stay at the pity party for too long....slow and steady wins the race and you my dear are WINNING!!

  11. What a great Man, and a Smart one too! You look great, and you have come so much farther then most people are able to without giving up. Even if you do not meet your goal in March, or ever, you have lost an amazing amount of weight, and as long as you are maintaining you are still doing great! Thanks for sharing your journey and struggles with us!

  12. No look fabulous!!!! Keep the faith and stay strong.

  13. It's been a while since I've been on your blog...but WOW you look amazing!! And your hubby is totally right, maintaning is harder than losing. Keep it up!

  14. i think you look SO amazing and you should be so proud of what you've accomplished so far!! xoxo

  15. You look absolutely stunning, my darling! Really... so so so beautiful!


  16. You look amazing! Congrats on such a big loss already, as someone who struggles with weight loss, sometimes we plateau and our bodies just need a break before we kick start them again, so you'll get there! Besides, slow and steady wins the race, right? Ok now that my week weight watchers meeting is over ZOMG that necklace, I LOVE it!!!


  17. I'm so blown away by the fact that you lost 70 already, little miss mom-of-three! You look amazing, and your face especially looks super slim. Maintaining is definitely an accomplishment by itself, but I know you can lose the last 30 if that's what you want to do. Can't wait until I can be working "alongside" you to get to my goal weight, after this baby comes!

  18. You aren't alone in this! I had a baby in July and had a goal to be back to my goal weight by October. I didn't make my goal! I was 5 lbs shy... and then was stuck there for 4 more months! It was so disheartening! I realized that letting myself slip into that ugly place emotionally was making it even more difficult to kick those last lbs. It's a vicious cycle. You feel bad about yourself so you eat junk which in turn, makes you feel bad about yourself.
    You're right. Maintaining is better than gaining. Sometimes you need to give yourself a break so you can take care of yourself emotionally. Weight loss is never easy. Hugs!

  19. I'm not sure if you'll see this comment or not but I had to post it. I just discovered your blog and it's crazy how much we have in common. Every time I click to another page I think "oh wow that's just like me", lol. From being able to create anything from a picture and being an impatient teacher all the way down to working on losing weight and being so good in the beginning and then hitting a bump and not accomplishing our goal by the beginning of March. For me I wanted to be in a certain size by the beginning of March and then life got in the way and I haven't been good about keeping up with it lately. I was doing P90X instead of the gym though.

    I've just started my own blog. It not much of anything yet but it will have tutorials and such soon. I'd be honored if you wanted to pop over and say hi. Maybe we can bounce inspiration back and forth and get back on our weight loss journeys together. :-)

  20. I love your eye makeup - and you're looking great!! Thanks for linking up to My Style Monday!


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