Thursday, February 21, 2013

Would You Rather? {Pink Week - Day #3}

Hello and welcome back to day 3 of PINK WEEK! Tuesday through Friday, I will be sharing how I styled my pink skinnies... So be sure to come back and check them out. And if you like what you see, pin it, tweet it or share it! {See Day #1 here and day #2 here}

Today I thought it would be fun to play the "Would you rather?" game with a beauty/fashion theme, along with my outfit... I'll be sharing the "would you rather questions", and my answers, BUT I would LOVE for you to also play along! Either leave your answers in a comment below, or feel free to create your own posts with your answers and leave the link in the comment section for me to come visit you! ♥
Would you rather have a small wardrobe of designer pieces or a large wardrobe with no designer pieces?
Though I would LOVE to own designer pieces, my wardrobe is already without "designer" pieces and Im getting along just fine. ;) I'd definitely rather have a lot more clothes, and more options.

Would you rather leave the house with messy hair and nice makeup or with nice hair and no makeup?
Definitely messy hair and nice makeup. I do that anyways! LOL My face is more important than my hair. And messy hair is so 'in' right now. ;)

Would you rather have an orange-y spray tan or really weird tan lines that can't be covered?
Oh my goodness, look like an oompah loompah or a zebra? This is a hard one! But I think Id go with weird tans lines that cant be covered. At least there is usually a fun story to go with that. Girls with the orange tans freak me out a little. I'm Mexican, I don't need no stinkin' spray tan! haha

Would you rather only be able to wear the color black or never wear high heels again?
Oye, I love heels. But I also LOVE color. Granted the majority of my wardrobe is black... BUT I like to wear it with color... So I guess I'm going with never wear heels again. I love heels, but I just couldn't live without color! ♥
Would you rather run a marathon or go to a boot camp class?
I e-hat running. Seriously. I'd rather do boot camp fo' sho'.
Would you rather never wear jeans again or never be able to wear dresses?
Hmm....This is tough, I wear dresses a lot. But I wear jeans a lot more. Im gonna say never be able to wear dresses, cause I'm gonna go on a limb and assume skirts don't count as dresses, so I could wear them if I wanted. Hello loop hole

Would you rather have a cloak of invisibility, or an endless closet of stuff you want to wear?
I'm not sure how these two really go together... (found all these questions online, btw).. but I'm definitely gonna say an endless closet of stuff I want to wear. Hello, every outfit I ever pinned on pinterest! :) Invisibility would be awesome-pie. But an endless closet would be supreme!

Would you rather spend a month wearing elastic waist and bottom sweatpants everywhere you go, or a month without internet?
Oh my gracious, this is just a cruel, cruel question! I don't think I'd like to go ANYWHERE in elastic waist/bottom sweats, but would I wanna go a month without internet? This is a hard one, sweats to church, shopping, date nights... Though maybe I can start a new trend.... One everyone hates at first but then grows to love. You know, like Chambray. (bahaha you had to of read yesterdays post to get that one!) You know maybe I can do elastic sweats week and show you all different ways to style them, show you how to look fabulous in elastic waist/bottom sweats. Yeah... I'm definitely sold on the sweats now. Yay, internet FTW.

Would you rather live without Jeans or Mascara?
 Oh no... Jeans won out over dresses... But I'm sorry Mascara is my baby, and NOBODY puts baby in the corner! *what movie* lol (yeah and thats a throw back to this post). Anyways... basically Mascara is my fav. If I had to choose between all other makeup and mascara... Mascara would win. So yeah..... Bye Bye jeans.

Would you rather live without lotion or lip balm?
This is another really tough one. I love lotion, but lip balm is mascara's bestie... Well in MY makeup bag at least...I don't know about yours! I couldn't not be without lip balm. Also gonna create another loop hole and say that there is always moisturizing body wash... So my skin wont suffer. hehe 

Im feeling a little feisty today, can you tell? Maybe its the pig tails, who knows?
Would you rather have to wear Mimi Makeup for a year or give up makeup for the rest of your life?
Oh gosh people.... Ive said this before, but I will say it again. I do not look good in blue eye shadow. I love blue eye shadow, I'm jealous of those who can rock it. But just dont think it suits my eyes! That being said... I would not wanna give up makeup for the rest of my life! So... I guess my choice goes for Mimi Makeup.

Would you rather wear a fanny pack or socks with sandals?
Oh this is awful. Ew. I already dont like socks that much... So to pick wearing them with sandals is just NOT gonna happen. As much as I think fanny packs are just wrong, I will go with fanny packs! LOL But only if I can pick out one of THESE ones. ♥  <-You want a fanny pack now, don't you? You're welcome for that.

Would you rather go without shaving your legs forever or without shaving your under arms forever?
No, no, no, no. Do I go with no tank tops ever, or no shorts/dresses without tights ever? I cant even pick an answer to this one. I mentioned this in an above answer... But I'll say it again, I am MEXICAN... Do you know how fast Mexi hair grows!? No, just no. I'd shave my head before I'd consider never shaving my legs or arm pits again. *arms crossed, tongue out, shaking head* Not gonna make me!

Would you rather wear heels all the time or never wear heels?
This question makes me sad. I love heels! They are so pretty, and make my legs look awesome, but if I had to wear them all the time, I would be pretty limited in what I could do! So I guess I will pick the smart one and say goodbye to heels forever. Ahh... Just thinking about it makes me miss them!

Ok, now its YOUR turn!! Lets hear your answers in the comment section, or write up your own post with these questions and answers, then leave me the link. ♥

What Im Wearing:
Plaid Top: Old Navy
Cami: Old Navy
Pink Skinnies: Walmart (l.e.i. brand)
Peep Toe Booties: Payless
Earrings: DIY here
Hand Stamped Wrap Bracelet: Jessica N Designs

Much Love & Hugs,
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  1. This was really cute! I love your sarcasm for some/most of the answers. I could totally wear sweat/yoga pants over the internet. course where I live everyone practically lives in workout clothes. :)

  2. Fun! I loved reading your answers! I posted mine (and a link to you of course!)

  3. love your outfit and hair a lot.The only thing I would change are the shoes.I would prefer boots or flat shoes.

    Enjoy Teaching English

  4. I definitely agree with the designer clothes one. I would much rather have a closet full of colorful clothes - options are important :)


  5. This post made me laugh. I would totally sneak my way around some of these. No shaving well they didnt say anything about waxing:) xx

  6. Love the shoes!!!!

    Thanks for stopping by The Wednesday Chronicles! Hope to see you this week!

    Ange from Hairspray and High Heels


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