Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Glimpse Of Spring

Honestly.... I only threw this outfit on last minute when I remembered I had to pick the kids up AT School Monday Afternoon.  I thought it actually looked cute - for a last minute effort to look presentable. So I had my photographer snap some photos when we got home.

Honestly... My photographer is my 10 year old daughter Kiah. And she counts all the photos we do. So when I say, ok just 1 more, and really mean like 5 more...
She tells me: "MOOOMMA, that's not just ONE more!"
Then I tell her, "Well its not my fault you have a shaky hand, and they keep coming out blurry! Now get to it SLAVE, Momma needs to show her blog friends how fashionable she is!" haha Just kidding about the slave part - kinda. ;)

{Hi Kiah! Love you. You're a great photog, baby girl! - She usually reads my blog on her tablet, so she will probably see this!}

Honestly... I'm loving the whole pastel color scheme I've got going on in these photos... Anyone else? Pink, Mint & Purple... So pretty. So Spring.

Honestly... I'm rockin' 3rd day hair here. Messy hair - don't care.

Honestly... My hair is not even brushed through, as I'm sure you can tell. Funny thing is, Hubs said I looked 'so hot' with my hair and makeup like this, and Kiah was like 'OOOhh I like your hair like that, Momma'. Go fig. Apparently 2 bobby pins, a hair band and no brush equals amazing hair these days.....
Honestly... I cant tell you how excited I am about the little glimpse of spring that has been the weather here lately. Its been so nice. 

Honestly... I'm sick of Winter.

Honestly... Ive been walking around the house, doing chores and such while wearing high heels as often as possible, but the only other place I really wear heels is at church, or on a date night.

Honestly... I am ridiculously giddy about two things! One, I am SOO close to hitting 1500 GFC. And I know its not all about numbers... But its a cool milestone! And two, I applied to be a promoter for MBA cosmetics and was accepted! This makes me so happy, because I already buy/use/love their products, but now I will get them for free. ♥ Just for doing what I already do and love, creating looks and sharing their items/sales. (I'm wearing MBA Eye Shadows in these photos!)
Honestly... The only reason I included the very last photo, was because I thought my hand looked alien-ish and weird, and I wanted to point that out.

Honestly... I cried through pretty much the whole episode of Walking Dead, on Sunday! It really got to me. :( Morgan!!! So sad....  And that poor guy walking all alone! Why couldn't they have just picked him up and helped him out!!?? :(

Honestly... I wish I had the extra money to shop this month because several awesome shops are having sales!! Like My Cents of Style, you can get 20% off everything with code "20OFF0512", and eShakti is also having a site-wide sale, 20% off with code "GPELVEDESG". Then this cute shop that I have been eye balling for a while now, Velanch, that creates the pretties sequin earrings, is also having a sale! It ends tomorrow though, you can get 25% off everything with code "SPRING".

Honestly... When I need to laugh, I just watch this video... And then sing it to everyone around me.

Honestly... How did I not know that meme (above) came from a real person/video, and how did I not know about this parody remix sooner? AND honestly... I'm curious what the lady thinks about the meme of her!?

Honestly... I'm done, except for what I'm wearing... Get the deets below. Click the links for the brooch and earrings... CUTE shops.. You wont regret it. ♥

What Im Wearing:
Sweater: Debb (OLD)
Capri's: Old Navy (OLD)
Flats: Payless
Bow Brooch: Oh Dani Girl Boutique (bonus gift with purchase)

Much Love & Hugs,
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  1. OMG Maria, that video is hilarious! I'm at the office, trying REALLY hard not to bust out laughing! "Ain't nobody got time for that" LOL

    <3 Kali
    Kali Now Living

  2. I think Kiah takes better photos than my husband does :) I'm impressed! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm following!

    The Tiny Heart

  3. Cute, cute, cute. I'm wearing a very similar shirt today with jeans. The bow makes it though. :)

  4. Love the bow on the sweater! Your daughter is a great photographer! She has a talent...haha. You could rent her out to other fashion bloggers.
    Penniless Socialite

  5. I love this!! Honestly... :)

    The bow and sweater are so cute. Also, Kiah is a great photographer, wow!

  6. Congrats!! You have a lot to celebrate! I love your cute top!

  7. Congratulations and awesome as I was going to comment on your great use of colour around the eyes (and now your talent makes sense). I'm lucky that my 4 yr old photographer hasn't figured out what 'just one more' means yet. Thanks for linking up with WW!

  8. LOVE the look Maria-Isabel!!! Oh and CONGRATS on MBA Cosmetics!!!!

  9. Thank you for vistng and following my blog. im following you back =) love the color pink =)

  10. Love the sweater & hair! And love that your daughter is learning the art of photography! She's doing great!
    And yes, I was right there with you on Sunday night with Walking Dead. I mean how heartbreaking!!!

  11. I love the pictures, your daughter made them great!) And I also love your hair!)
    Thank you for sharing a coupon code for my shop! Its available till March 8

  12. That is a really cute outfit! I'm sick of winter, too, and we still have snow!!

  13. You look great! I wouldn't have known it was a last minute outfit. Very pretty makeup! I am sure your daughter will have great memories!


  14. you are so cute maria!~ and funny! Love reading all your post bogs~


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