Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Cinderella Inspired Makeup Look

Hello lovelies. ♥
I've been anxious to share this Disney Princess look.
Partly because this looked turned out way better than I imagined, but mainly because I was so surprised by how well the blue looked on me. Ive said it many times, that I don't pull off blue eye shadow too well. But this look I created for Cinderella I loved on me. Let me know what you think!
Its hard to tell in these photos, but I also attempted to do my hair similar to Cinderella's as well. I just may have to do a quick 'how-to' post for it (if anyone is interested) because its actually pretty cute, it can work for a formal up-do or casual if its done a little messier....Plus its not too difficult either.
So what eye shadows did I use?
Baby Baby - Light blue pearly color, used all inner lid.
Pearl -  An opaque pearly white, used mid lid and as high lighter on brow bone & inner corners.
Royal -  Royal Blue with Satiny sheen. Used on outer corners of lid and under bottom lash line.
All of these shadows were used with Shadow Poxy, and can be found at My Beauty Addiction:
(fyi: I am a promoter for MBA Cosmetics, but all items mentioned above were purchased from my own money. None of these links provide me with compensation.)
If you're a Cinderella fan, let me know!
Tell me what you think of this look inspired by her!?

What I'm wearing:
Necklace: Premier Designs
Lace Shrug: Deb Shops
Are you diggin' this princess inspired look? Well you can see more Princess Looks here: Princess Aurora, Snow White, Princess JasminPrincess Tiana, Pocahontas, Princess Ariel.

Up Next will be Rapunzel!
Leave a comment letting me know what Princess you would like to see next. :)
I'll be linking this post up here:
Makeup Monday

Much Love & Hugs,
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  1. I love this! Blue eyeshadow is often touch-and-go for me but this is just awesome.
    This series is so great, I'm enjoying it immensely.

  2. Beautiful! All your looks are gorgeous - because you are. Great job!

  3. My Beauty Addiction should choose you as the face of their brand!You look fabulous as always!

    Enjoy Teaching English

  4. you have beautiful eyes. great look. ( :

  5. Very pretty :) I am loving these Disney princess looks.


  6. Gorge! Love the outfit and everything. These Disney princess posts are right up my street :)


  7. Aw yay! Cinderella is my favorite! This look totally fits her!

  8. Cinderella is my favorite princess!


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