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Fashionista on a Budget

Fashionista on a Budget: Save on High Fashion With Sample Shopping Tips From the Pros

For die-hard fashionistas, paying low-prices for a designer wardrobe takes skill and talent. Real fashionistas refuse to sacrifice great taste because of exorbitant designer prices and a strict budget. From online retail websites that offer designer apparel clothing on sale to your local thrift shops, a plethora of resources are available for keeping your fashion design luxuriously stylish and cutting-edge.
During a sample sale, financially savvy shoppers get excited over markdowns from designer brands such as Alexis Bittar, J.Crew and Rag & Bone. If you're a fashionista who's perfected the skill of finding the best discounted designs, then shopping at a sample sale is your area of expertise.
If you can't pass up a great deal, then make note of the following tips on how to become a sample sale shopping pro:

Sale Previews & Invitations

To score on steep discounts from the biggest labels in fashion, you've got to put yourself in the loop, especially since most sample sales occur for only about three days. The recommends signing up for newsletters from style websites, such as and, for alerts on when a sample sale will drop.
You can also take advantage of sale prices and events by visiting these sample sale and discount designer label websites:
  • and


Research & Strategy

Prior to a sample sale, research details such as the type of merchandise and pricing that are expected to be there. Create a wish-list and plan of attack. It's easy to stray from your original list and become overwhelmed by big names and small price tags. Without a strategy, this sample sale could wipe out your bank account and leave you with mediocre purchases you couldn't pass up simply because of slashed prices. It also doesn't hurt to show up the day before the sale's opening to scope out the merchandise.

Time, Dress & Cash

Without preparation, you may be setting yourself up for shopping disappointment and failure. Inexperienced sample sale shoppers shouldn't underestimate the importance of arriving early and dressing appropriately. If you're serious about your designer labels and shopping skills, then arrive first on the scene ready to have first pick of the finest available fashions. At the front of the line, you can beat out the competition and eyeball the store's best items. reminds amateur shoppers that sample stores usually won't provide private dressing rooms if fitting rooms are available at all. Avoid the embarrassment and mortification of publicly baring it all and wear layers. Come prepared by wearing appropriate, modest underwear and basics, such as a tank top and leggings that you keep on while trying on clothes. Wearing a cross-body bag filled with your wallet, phone and keys will also free your hands for shopping and slipping clothes on and off. With such a high volume of shoppers and chaos, you can easily become distracted and have your belongings stolen.

Ready to check out? Your hands are full of incredible designer duds, and your only method of payment is plastic. Don't forget the hit the ATM beforehand because most sample sales only accept cash.

* Michele Priest
Michele is the thrifty fashion shopper. She loves a great sale and sushi Fridays!

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